NEVADA: Late-Night Shenanigans in Carson City. Action Urgently Needed!

May 31

Our friends at Nevada Family Alliance informed us today about a critical development late last night at the state capitol. We encourage you to take action this afternoon if you haven’t already – and then pass this along to others.

A new bill was dropped late last night by Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro under the cover of darkness with only four days left in the legislative session.

It is a state version of the federal Equal Rights Amendment that we have told you about recently.

SJR8, the Nevada State Equal Rights Amendment, will mean tax-funded abortions, loss of religious liberty and more:

  • Harms to Women and Girls in Sports, Academics, Economic Opportunities, and Privacy
  • Harms to Faith-Based Schools, Colleges, and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Harms to Medical Rights of Conscience and Taxpayer Funding for Abortions

Please contact your state senator right away, as the measure is likely to be voted on this afternoon.

Here is a suggested message: Vote No on SJR8, the so-called State ERA, which will mean taxpayer-funded abortions and loss of religious liberty. It is wrong to bring this up at the last minute with no opportunity for citizens to respond! (Or write your own message.)

And here is a list of senators’ email addresses. Please contact your own senator and any or all of the others as well.

All Senate Democrats:

All Senate Republicans:

Thank you for making your voice heard on this urgent matter!

The Family Policy Alliance Team