NEW HAMPSHIRE: What Will Gov. Sununu Do With These Bills? Act Today!

June 3

Three dangerous bills are either on the Governor’s desk already or could arrive soon.  Will you speak up to the Governor today?

All three advance the anti-science and anti-family transgender agenda. Your action is needed to keep the Granite State from plunging headlong into the implementation of that activist agenda.

Thanks to our allies at Cornerstone Action, here’s a summary of the bills:

  • HB 669 would let people choose gender “X” (meaning neither male nor female) on their driver’s license or non-drivers’ identification cards. This reinforces the notion that gender is a subjective matter of feeling, and it codifies a logic that defies physical, scientific and metaphysical reality. This bill is already at the governor’s desk.
  • HB 446 allows an individual to obtain a new birth certificate to reflect a sex designation other than that which was assigned at birth. Sex designations permitted under the bill are: Male, Female, and Neither Male Nor Female. Given their importance for law enforcement, medical records and scientific research, vital records should not be altered based on a person’s subjective feelings or experiences. As we write, this bill faces a final concurrence vote in the House. Assuming it passes, it could be on the Governor’s desk any day.
  • SB 263 takes the transgender agenda in full force to New Hampshire public schools. It would allow lawsuits against schools for a host of things, including not addressing a student with pronouns that reflect their transgender identity. It would force schools to allow boys onto girls’ teams with the simple claim of a female identity. And that is just a sampling of its impact. SB 263 is nearing a vote in the House that, if it passes, would send it to the Governor.

Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Please call Gov. Sununu at (603) 271-2121 and ask him to veto HB 669, as well as HB 446 and SB 263 if they reach his desk.
  • Please ALSO send him a quick email. You can do it in just moments on our Action Center.
  • Please pass this along to others, so they can take action, too!

Finally, please stay tuned to Cornerstone Action for the latest on these and other bills.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team