Protecting Life – One Heartbeat at A Time

July 3

Are you proud of the work we are doing in Georgia?

As I look at all we’ve accomplished – rising from a candidate everyone was betting against to winning a historic election and signing legislation protecting innocent life – I know we are making a HUGE difference.

But, the work is only beginning, and that’s why I’m writing you today in support of my friends at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

Will you consider a generous gift today to help them continue their great work for families?

During the campaign, the endorsement of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was vital – encouraging Georgians of faith to unite behind our team. They saw that I would never back down when it came to doing what’s right, and their support was unwavering.

Together, we share a commitment for a Georgia where ALL life is cherished, and that’s why, after our historic victory, I named their President and Executive Director, Cole Muzio, to our Georgians First Committee – to begin laying the foundation to do exactly what I promised we would do during the campaign.

Despite intense opposition from the radical Left, I was proud to sign HB 481, which protects the innocent and recognizes this truth: we in Georgia value life. We will not waver from nor be bullied out of this commitment, and I’m so proud that we are taking this bold stand.

The well-funded, left-wing groups won’t go quietly, though. It will take all of us working together to defend the great work we have done. And, I’m counting on Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to help lead the charge. Consider partnering with them today with a $25, $100, $250, or greater gift today!

With 2020 rapidly approaching, the time to act is now. More work lies ahead to keep putting Georgians First, defending our values, and promoting families under the Gold Dome. More work lies ahead throughout our state to stand up for those legislators who joined us along the way. More work lies ahead to continue to make Georgia the state we want our children and grandchildren to inherit.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia shares this commitment, and they have been a strong partner in advancing our agenda. Thank you in advance for helping us protect the innocent, stand up for the vulnerable, and speak for those who cannot yet speak for themselves.

For Life,

Brian Kemp
Governor, State of Georgia

P.S. Georgia is a state that values life, from conception to natural death. Our bold stance will ensure that all Georgians have the opportunity to live, grow, and prosper in our state, and Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has been a great partner in this endeavor. Take a stand for LIFE by making a generous gift today!