The “Litmus Test” on Abortion Has Changed

July 12

“Abortion is not a fringe issue. Abortion is liberty.”

That statement is from a 2017 column extolling the virtues of a political litmus test for abortion. Surprisingly, the author is not targeting pro-life politicians. Instead, the writer is making the case that liberal politicians should be subject to a litmus test on abortion if they want to remain in the Democrat party.

This means two things:

First – The pro-life message is making so much headway that pro-abortion activists and politicians are desperate to “out” their own who do not toe the line on abortion.

Second – On a more spiritual note, Americans could not be confronted with a clearer choice about where candidates stand.

Since the Roe v Wade decision, voters, reporters and pundits have been trying to buttonhole candidates and lawmakers about their position on abortion. The classic approach was to ask candidates whether they had a “litmus test” on abortion when it came to appointing or confirming judges. It was a nuanced way to try to “out” pro-life candidates back when pro-abortion activists still emphasized the rare part of their “safe, legal and rare” abortion mantra.

The media and activists would be quick to exploit the pro-life position of any candidate in efforts to smear them as anti-choice, anti-woman or part of the “religious right. ”It was an effective strategy for many years.

Despite facing liberal courts, the Obama and Clinton administrations and politicians who ignored the pro-life platform, the pro-life movement marched forward through the 70’s, 80’s and into 90’s. It was at this time in the early 90’s that things began to change, and more and more pro-life candidates actually began winning elections.

The pro-life movement has taken on such momentum, the Left itself has now been forced to take on the “litmus test” – once a cherished cudgel – to identify and promote its own pro-abortion extremism in order to save the pro-abortion agenda.

Partially driven by numerous pro-life advances and judicial appointments under the Trump administration—including the President’s court victory yesterday affirming that he can defund Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer money found in federal family planning grants—all of the 20-or-so Democrat candidates for president have come out in support of abortion, late-term abortion and public-funded abortion. All of the candidates who are currently in the US Senate (and a few more) do not believe that medical care should be required for infants surviving botched abortions. And here is the big one…many have taken the unprecedented step of expressing their intent to only appoint judges who will affirm Roe v. Wade.

These positions at the top of the ballot make it very plausible that every 2020 down ballot candidate will be asked at some point whether they support the all-in pro-abortion position of the Democrat presidential nominee—despite the fact that their local electorate likely does not support such radical positions.

The Christian, pro-life movement must realize the shift that has happened here.

A whole truckload of candidates who seek to lead this nation have declared their undying support for radical abortion-on-demand, and they will drag an entire political party with them, if they can. That contrasts the historic, steady drumbeat of pro-life lawmakers and leaders who have achieved much progress in the nearly 50 years since Roe was handed down – despite being “outed” as pro-life.

The distinction is stark, unprecedented and overt. At this time in history it could not be more clear: Pro-abortion politicians are backing themselves into a pro-death corner and voters get the final say.

Protecting the preborn is a spiritual battle that lies close to the heart of our nation. God is at work on this issue and despite whatever confusion or deception that might have blurred voters’ clarity in the past, things could not be more apparent regarding the direction of those seeking to lead our nation.

Our theme verse at Family Policy Alliance® is Daniel 11:32 “but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” It is time to stand firm and look at this issue and the truth surrounding it with clear eyes.

Every Christian voter must ask themselves these questions:

  1. Am I pro-life or not?
  2. Does my chosen political party respect my views?
  3. Can I ignore pro-abortion positions when I vote for any candidate?
  4. What am I going to do to share this information?
  5. Will I take the time to vote in the 2020 election?

At a time when candidates are willfully and pridefully making their pro-abortion positions known – every pro-life voter must know the answer to these questions.

Do you?

For life,

Robert Noland
Communications Manager