Kevin for the Win!

July 18

Do you sometimes wonder if your vote matters? Do you believe that politicians are often all talk and no action? Perhaps you’ve seen far too many campaign promises broken and have become cynical. Well, I want to highlight one vote last November that definitely did matter. You elected someone who does what he promises and lives out his biblical beliefs in D.C. – Senator Kevin Cramer.

Senator Cramer has always been very upfront and unapologetic about his faith, and specifically, how his beliefs directly affect his political life. He stands for the things you hold most dear.

  • Protection on life, from conception to natural death
  • Sanctity of marriage being between one man and one woman, as defined in Scripture
  • Protection of religious liberty for all
  • Importance of the family as the “glue” which helps holds our nation together

However, it’s one thing to say you stand for something as a politician; another to vote and work every day to advance those causes. The good news is that Kevin is doing just that – acting on his convictions.

A clear example of this is when Senator Cramer recently introduced the Patient Rights Act, Senate Bill 1993. The bill would prohibit federal funding to health care entities “that do not respect all human life and patient rights”. It would require all federally funded health care entities to recognize the unborn as patients, prohibit abortions, prohibit physician assisted suicide, and prohibit Do-Not-Resuscitate orders and withdrawal of life sustaining treatment on minors without parental consent.

Senator Cramer also just joined three other senators to introduce the Never Again Education Act which would create a specific fund to provide education about the Holocaust to school-aged children, by giving teachers the resources to teach students about this atrocity. As Kevin stated, “The story of the Holocaust must always be taught, so the experience of the Holocaust may never be repeated.”

It is precisely because of Senator Cramer’s strength of character and pro-life and pro-family stances that we at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota endorsed his candidacy for Senate in 2018, and we are very happy to report he is delivering on his promises. Our organization helped his election efforts through calls, in-person engagements, social media, email, and many more ways. However, most importantly, you voted for Kevin and are now able to see what this dedicated Senator is doing in Washington to represent your biblical views. Your vote did count!

We want to thank Senator Cramer for all he is doing, and in particular, for his strong stance for the family and for life, from those not yet born to those nearing the end of life. North Dakotans should be proud to have him on Capitol Hill, letting the nation know what we stand for. It’s definitely Kevin for the win!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director