The War for Life

July 25

The War for Life

The recent shakeup in Planned Parenthood’s leadership shows yet again that the abortion giant is in trouble. Planned Parenthood is looking for another President, with Leana Wen’s forced departure after only eight months on the job.

This is just one of many blows that Planned Parenthood has suffered the past few years, as the public begins to see more fully what they are really about. Other notable setbacks to the abortion provider include the following.

  • A public relations nightmare after undercover video showed Planned Parenthood cavalierly selling aborted baby parts, a criminal activity.
  • Thousands of protesting parents (including those in liberal bastions such as San Francisco) enraged that Planned Parenthood is teaching radical and explicit sex ed to their children.
  • Significant state pro-life victories, such as the Georgia Heartbeat Law, defeat of a radical abortion bill in liberal New Mexico, and passage of our own chemical abortion reversal notification bill here in North Dakota. Family Policy Alliance® state affiliates were privileged to lay the groundwork and help drive all these efforts.
  • Losing 65 million dollars in federal funds once the Trump Administration’s “Protect Life Rule” goes into effect next month. This rule requires abortion services to be separated from family planning services –something Planned Parenthood refuses to do.
  • The shocking and incredibly successful debut of the movie Unplanned –an unprecedented exposé of the innerworkings of Planned Parenthood. It inspired more citizens to become involved in the pro-life movement and even reportedly spurred many abortion clinic workers to leave their jobs.
  • Increasingly pro-life American views on abortion, where 54% of Americans believe the U.S. Supreme Court should “overturn” or “modify” Roe v. Wade.
  • Revelations that abortions do account for as much as 55% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue, even though it has fervently denied abortions are a significant percentage of their services.
  • Numerous election defeats as pro-life candidates were elected to Congress, replacing key pro-abortion candidates. One of the most noteworthy was right here in our state, with Kevin Cramer defeating Heidi Heitkamp last November — an election that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota was privileged to engage in, thanks to your faithful support.

The momentum is growing. The tide is turning. Planned Parenthood is right to take notice. With God’s help, together we can win the war for life!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director