Real Problems, Real Solutions at Back to School Time

August 8

Georgia is an awesome place. We have beaches and mountains. Outstanding farmers and a booming film industry (yes, fake news, production is still flocking to Georgia). We are a great place to do business and an incredible place to raise a family.

But, the most precious resource of our state is, unquestionably, our children.

That’s why it’s imperative to address with real solutions, the real problems our children face as they head back to school.

Somewhere in Georgia a coach, teacher, or student will have their First Amendment rights silenced – barred from expressing their God-given and constitutionally protected freedom to exercise their religion.

As school starts, there are children across our state who are at schools that do not fit their needs or schools where they are bullied, and they remain trapped – unable to afford an option better suited for them and their family.

Students who desire to be homeschooled will attend public school because it’s the only place they can participate in the extracurricular activities their tax dollars pay for – foregoing the educational route they’ve identified as best for them.

Conversely, students who remain homeschooled will be denied the opportunity to put on their local high school’s uniform, march in the band, or participate in a club because they won’t sacrifice what they’ve determined to be their educational route – costing them other opportunities crucial for their development.

And, every student and teacher will find themselves handcuffed by a one-sized fits all approach that has characterized our school system for far too long.

So, where’s the hope?

Well, we have a governor in Brian Kemp that is bold in dismantling Common Core, putting students first, and using his political capital to support teachers and stronger classrooms, as you can see in his recent op-ed.

On top of that, he is joined by a leading advocate for empowering students in Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. He outlined his educational philosophy here.

This gives us GREAT hope, and we must seize the momentum!

With such strong leadership at the helm, we are committed to forging a stronger, freer, more empowering Georgia for our students to seize opportunity and become who God meant them to be.

That’s why we testified and fought for Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) which give kids and their parents an opportunity to attend the school that best suits their individual needs, utilizing their tax dollars to fuel their dreams. It’s also why we’ve crafted and led the charge for the Tebow Bill, which allows Georgia homeschool students to (as they are able to in the vast majority of states) participate in extracurricular activities at their local public schools. And, it’s why we are pushing the Student and Educator Faith Protection Act, designed to protect the First Amendment rights of students and faculty.

Back to School is an exciting time, and we are making progress under Governor Kemp. But, it’s also a time when many parents and students are faced with a stark reality – there isn’t enough choice, there isn’t enough freedom, and there isn’t enough protection for the faith and values our kids are taught at home.

To join us in the fight for Georgia, please consider a generous donation today . Your gift will help us craft the policies and lead the charge to fight for Georgia’s most precious resource.

For Opportunity and Freedom in Our Schools,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. I have great confidence in the leadership of our state, but they need strong partners under the Gold Dome. We can make no mistake about it that choice is lacking in our state. Our education must improve. And, in many systems, our values are being actively undermined – including Decatur where a radical policy led to a young girl’s horrific assault. We MUST do better. Please partner with us today so that we can fight to build on the educational successes we are seeing under Governor Kemp