World Magazine: Clash of ideals in Kansas foster system

August 9

WORLD Magazine recently covered the controversial new guidance coming out of the Kansas Department of Children and Families:

The child welfare agency in Kansas wants foster parents to affirm the gender identities of transgender children. But the move could significantly decrease the number of available families in a state with a record-high number of foster children….

“When a government agency releases a document of this nature, or any sort of guidance document, it is a policy,” said Brittany Jones, director of advocacy for the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. “That’s the force of government.”

DCF and child-placing agencies allow foster and adoptive parents discretion about what kinds of needs they are willing to serve. Some advocates worry that DCF will require placing agencies to keep a child’s biological sex confidential from potential foster families. The initial version of the document included a question-and-answer section that recommended parents place transgender children in bedrooms with children of the opposite biological sex.

Jones said the document signals to families who “hold a Biblical worldview or even a historic Judeo-Christian worldview of family and sex and gender that they are not welcome to be foster families in Kansas.” She has talked to Christian families in the last few weeks who want to care for vulnerable children as foster parents but are terrified the government will tell them what they can and cannot believe and say.

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