SHAWNEE: One Last Chance to Stop SOGI

August 20

Dear Friends,

The Shawnee City Council is scheduled to have the final vote on whether to pass a sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance (SOGI) on Monday, August 26th. It is vital that you show up to continue to let the City Council members know that you disagree with this policy.

Another way you can get involved is by emailing the city council members that haven’t voted on this ordinance yet or who voted in favor of it last week. You can find their emails here:

Michell Distler – Mayor

Matt Zimmerman –

Jim Neighbor –

Stephanie Meyer –

Lisa Larson-Bunnell –

Mickey Sandifer –

Lindsey Constance –

You can graciously let them know that you want them to oppose this ordinance. You believe that all people should be treated fairly, however, these ordinances do not treat everyone fairly.

They put women in very difficult situations when they are forced to share intimate spaces with biological males. They force everyone in Shawnee to agree with a message that is not settled fact, and many have disagreed with throughout history. Finally, they put business owners at risk of losing everything in order to live out their faith. Narrow religious exceptions for religious institutions do not protect anyone’s ability to actually live out their faith.

I appreciate your engagement on this issue up to this point. I am continuing to pray that hearts in Shawnee will be changed.

Thank you for standing for your city!


Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

P.S. This Sunday, Aug. 25th, at 7:30 pm, there will be a prayer vigil outside of Shawnee City Hall. The Body of Christ will be in prayer for our city council members and our community. Thank you for your prayerful and respectful engagement!