GA House District 71 – Don’t Forget to Vote TODAY!

September 3

The state is watching what happens in your State House district today, and we need all pro-life, pro-family voters to make certain to get to the polls to vote!

Anything can happen in a special election, and this race features 3 candidates who take a pro-life position and another who is endorsed by radical, pro-abortion NARAL. While Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® has not yet made an endorsement in this race, here’s what you should know:

  • Two candidates (Marcy Westmoreland Sakrison and Philip Singleton) have proactively reached out to our organization to express their support for our values. Another (Nina Blackwelder) has publicly taken a pro-life position as well. Below is information from each of their websites on the Life issue (candidates listed in alphabetical order):
  • Nina Blackwelder: I believe every life is precious and should be protected, at any stage. That means the state should not be involved in the funding of abortions, forcing those with objections to fund them. Furthermore, the abortion issue has no business being dictated at the federal level. The Roe v. Wade decision is a violation of the 10th Amendment and the issue should be left to the states and their citizens.
  • Marcy Westmoreland Sakrison: A mother of three, Marcy strongly supports the Heartbeat Law that protects unborn children from abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. In the House, she will back efforts to defend the law against lawsuits from liberal activists. While liberal Democrats claim that only they can represent the views of women in Georgia, Marcy will prove them wrong by promoting women’s health issues while also proudly defending anyone with a heartbeat.
  • Philip Singleton: The United States is in a desperate battle to determine the moral compass of our Nation. Philip believes that we must protect life. Life is ordained by our creator, begins at conception, and should be protected. Philip has spent his entire adult life fighting those who would try to take life on the battlefield and is committed to continuing that fight on the floor of the General Assembly. It is time we send a Soldier to fight for us in Atlanta.
  • On the other hand, radical leftist Jill Prouty opposes the Heartbeat Bill and is endorsed by radical pro-death groups.

Please make sure to turn out to vote today – polls will be open until 7 pm!

While I hate to send an email without an endorsement, I can honestly say that I have heard good things about all 3 of these pro-life candidates, and I have enjoyed my interactions with those who have reached out. The goal right now has to be ensuring that this seat remains in pro-family hands.

For Georgia Families,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. If you have further questions about the candidates, feel free email, and I will do my best to answer before the polls close.