He’s Baaaack

September 12

Remember Jon Ossoff?

Yes, that Jon Ossoff. The utterly unqualified former candidate for Congress that raised a record amount of money from San Francisco and New York is back, and he’s running for U.S. Senate against pro-life David Perdue.

He joins a field of Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, radical leftist Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry, and Stacey Abrams’ running mate Sarah Riggs Amico aiming to unseat Perdue. To date, it appears that most are waiting to see who Governor Kemp appoints before deciding whether to run for Isakson’s seat.

Jon Ossoff’s entrance into the race, however, is yet another indicator that the Left will go all-in for Georgia in 2020. We all remember that he embraced the Pelosi agenda as a candidate, and I will never forget that he came to the Senate hearing of the Heartbeat Bill – lurking around and hoping to win favor with the radical pro-abortion crowd, though few cared for his presence.

My friend Chip Lake, Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, described our state to the AJC as “the center of the political universe” and “ground zero in national politics,” and he’s right. Stacey Abrams even recently published a memo urging liberals to invest even more heavily in the state – a state where the Left already has shattered records in outside fundraising.

At the congressional level, Lucy McBath will get tremendous support to keep the 6th, and State Senator Zahra Karinshak – an outspoken opponent of the Heartbeat Bill – is one of many top recruits aiming to flip the 7th.

For our legislative seats, there won’t be a competitive seat where a well-funded liberal doesn’t step forward to run. Our pro-family, pro-Heartbeat candidates will be under attack from those hostile to science, reason, and to our values.

WE ARE GROUND ZERO in the national political scene.

So, what’s the response? Will we meet the challenge? Will we stand with those who have stood for what’s right and oppose those who have embraced a radical, wicked worldview? I have an aggressive elections plan – one where we flip the narrative and put the Left on their heels – that, quite frankly, just needs resources. Will you help our efforts?

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We can’t convince the Left that Georgia isn’t winnable for 2020. They’ll spend BIG here, and they’ll bring forth all the top recruits. BUT, with our response, we CAN show that our state will NOT be taken, discourage them from pursuing Georgia in the future, and reclaim lost ground.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia