Important News for New Jersey Families

September 13

Are you wondering if our families, our faith and our state can withstand more assaults –  from our culture and our government? Are you longing for some hope?

Over the past few months, New Jersey Family Policy Council (NJFPC) has been working closely with our national ally Family Policy Alliance (FPA) –  a public policy partner of Focus on the Family – to strengthen our state organization and “muscle up” for the challenges ahead.

By joining with FPA and its alliance of 40 state-based pro-family organizations, we’ll have access to expanded policy and legal expertise, a proven track record of success in advancing pro-life and pro-family legislation, and the best-possible stewardship of resources to meet the needs here in our state.

Muscle Up, New Jersey!

This new partnership could not have come at a better time. It’s no surprise that our state faces many challenges and we must continue to work together to protect our families and our values. That’s why NJFPC is expanding our efforts to advance Christian family values in policy, identify and rally pro-family, pro-life citizens to the polls and educate Bible-believing families – all in partnership with Family Policy Alliance. We will do this in several strategic ways:

  • Alliance building: Working intentionally to build strong alliances within the state – including churches and other pro-family groups – to advance a culture of religious liberty, family and life.
  • Advancing policy: Through our work in Trenton, we promote sound policy and equip legislators with the tools they need to protect your family and values.
  • Rallying voters: With FPA’s technology and strategic assistance, we mobilize Christian voters to the polls to elect the candidates who best reflect our shared biblical and family values.
  • Citizen’s voice: Through coordination with our national and state allies, we equip pro-family citizens to understand the issues and raise their voices in support of legislation that protects their families.

These are important goals and after much prayer and reflection, our Board voted unanimously to merge with FPA.

Our heart’s desire is to see a New Jersey where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. That’s why we’re merging with FPA and changing our name from New Jersey Family Policy Council to Family Policy Foundation of New Jersey, while New Jersey Family First changes to Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey.

Len-Deo-croppedSince 1997 we’ve been committed to protecting your family and your values – that will not change. Len Deo will continue serving in New Jersey with Family Policy Alliance, moving into a dedicated alliance-building role, while also mentoring our new Advocacy Director, Shawn Hyland.

shawn-hyland-with-caption--w14005This unanimous decision by the Board of Directors of NJFPC will leverage our resources, build upon the strong foundation in New Jersey and provide for optimal mentoring of the next generation of leadership. Our supporters and friends deserve an organization that will operate at peak efficiency for years to come in advocating for your values and God’s Truth in the public square. New Jersey has strong challenges ahead and to respond we need strong leadership.

And most importantly, the essence of this new brand is really “HOPE.” Hope in our Lord, while being part of a stronger alliance that advances biblical citizenship, equips and elects statesmen and promotes policy on behalf of your family, for generations to come. Together, this alliance can accomplish more to protect families and biblical values than any individual group working on its own.

No Challenge Unmet!

But we can’t make these plans a reality without your ongoing partnership. And now, when you give to Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, you have two options to ensure your gift goes to the work that’s most important to you:

  1. You can give to rally Christians to the polls during critical elections and activate biblical FamPol_Alliance_NJ_2CP_RGBcitizens to contact their representatives in support of, or opposition to, legislation. While your gift to Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey is not tax-deductibleyou’ll actively engage in frontline politics and policy.
  2. You can also give to educate biblical citizens, strengthen the statewide alliance and trainFamPol_Foundation_NJ_2CP_PMS future statesmen and women. Your gift to Family Policy Foundation of New Jersey is tax-deductibleand will build an even stronger pro-family organization in New Jersey.

Your most generous gift today will unleash biblical citizenship in our state. REMEMBER, all dollars raised in New Jersey will benefit the operations of our team – protecting your family and your faith – on the ground in New Jersey.

Thank you in advance and God bless you and your family!

Yours for the Family in New Jersey,


Bill Horsey
Board Chairman, New Jersey Family Policy Council & New Jersey Family First
P.S. Your gift to Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Family First) or Family Policy Foundation of New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Family Policy Council) will protect your family and your values by encouraging Christians to vote in upcoming elections. It will help raise voices in support of religious freedom and families – including yours!