Can I Really Bring My Bible to School?

October 1

We are fortunate enough to live in a nation where we can live out our God given rights in many scenarios. Yet, one of the places that children’s religious freedom is under attack is in schools. A lot of this is simply because either intentionally or unintentionally there is a lot of confusion around what students’ rights actually are in the public-school system. This confusion has opened the door for several self-avowed atheist groups to attack students for simply living out their faith.

To begin bringing clarity in the midst of the confusion, we have introduced a Student and Educator Religious Freedom Bill in two states – Kansas and Georgia – over the last two years. This is a comprehensive bill that reinforces the basic freedoms that students, teachers, administrators, and coaches have on school property and at school events.

These basic rights include things like student-led prayers and Bible Studies during non-class time, the ability to incorporate their religious beliefs in homework and class presentations, student-led prayer at sporting events in certain circumstances, and of course carrying their copy of Scripture with them at school. Many students are shocked that they even have this ability.

I understand. When I was a student, my friends were told they couldn’t even bring their Bibles with them to school on Wednesdays before church. This sort of censorship is absolutely not acceptable in the United States. Our Supreme Court has reinforced that students do not lose their rights at the “schoolhouse gate.”  Much of this push back comes from ignorance of the law and the abdication on the part of Christians to exercise their God given rights.

That’s why Bring Your Bible to School Day is so important for every student. Bring Your Bible to School Day is this Thursday, October 3rd.  This is a day sponsored by our national ally, Focus on the Family, to encourage children to exercise their freedoms and also to open doors for children to talk about their faith in Christ. This is an easy way for students to begin to be comfortable with carrying their Bible to school and with talking about their faith with their classmates.

Encourage students in your life to stand strong and bring their Bible to school with them this Thursday.

Supporting students in living out their faith,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Policy Manager