Presidential Candidates: You Are a “Child-Torturing, Homophobic Discriminator”

October 14

You are a child-torturuing, homophobic discriminator—at least that’s what nine of the Democratic hopefuls challenging Trump for President said about you in last week’s “Power of Pride” town hall event for the candidates hosted by CNN. This was the first-ever presidential debate centered entirely around the topic of the LGBT agenda. The event demonstrates how radical the LGBT agenda has become in our country.

The town hall spanned nearly five hours, with the candidates promising, one after another, to undo all the good work President Trump’s Administration has done on religious freedom and restoring common sense –such as not forcing schools to advance the transgender agenda in their girls’ locker rooms and sports teams or not requiring battered women’s shelters to house men in the same homes as women.

It was a long five hours to be sure (the Family Policy Alliance® team watched it so you wouldn’t have to!),  and it really highlighted why the country elected Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016. Candidate after candidate never hesitated to name-call, shame parents for how they raise their children, and attack the values of millions of Americans.

As if on cue, every candidate voiced their strong support of the so-called “Equality Act,” promising to make it top priority if elected as President. The Equality Act, thankfully currently stopped in the U.S. Senate, is at once the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen in Congress. It threatens parental rights, including how parents make healthcare and education decisions for their children. It even threatens parental custody over their own children. The Equality Act puts the LGBT agenda ahead of constitutional religious freedom rights, forces LGBT curriculum and policies into schools (likely both private and public), and equates the Black Civil Rights movement with the LGBT agenda.

Most candidates also promised they’d bring back the Obama-era “transgender military service” policy—a policy ended by President Trump’s Administration after careful study revealed that transgender-identifying individuals serving in the armed forces would have a negative impact on military readiness, as well as on taxpayers due to the extremely expensive and ongoing medical care needed.

We’ve compiled alarming highlights from some of the individual candidates:

U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren was asked whether schools should teach children about sexual orientation and gender identity—despite concerns from parents. She answered: “I strongly support this…from the time they’re very young.” To Warren, parents’ concerns about exposing children to sexual topics—and directing when that happens in their children’s lives—is irrelevant.

Warren also clearly stated that she believes taxpaying families should fund “gender transition services”—which includes access to experimental hormones and surgeries that harm or remove healthy body parts and require extensive ongoing care. She said: “Everyone is entitled to medical care they need, and that includes people who are transgender and they decide it is the time for them to have gender affirming surgery.” She believes our tax dollars should fund these procedures even for prisoners.

Former U.S. House member from Texas

O’Rourke dropped a bombshell early on in his remarks: “Religious organizations should lose tax exempt status for discriminating against LGBTQ people.” This includes churches that believe biblical teaching on sexuality, faith-based adoption agencies, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, faith-based schools, and many more. And he didn’t even bat an eye—because for O’Rourke, people of faith are simply “discriminators.”

And he didn’t stop there.

O’Rourke believes that parents who seek basic talk therapy to help their children dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction or struggles with gender identity should not be allowed to do this—yet  he also believes children should be supported in physically altering their natural bodies to “change to the opposite sex.”

He said: “Conversion therapy should be illegal. This is tantamount to torture on children who are absolutely defenseless.”

In other words, parents who want to help their children accept their God-given bodies, while not subjecting them to experimental hormones or surgeries on their healthy bodies, are “child-torturers.”

U.S. Senator from New Jersey

Shortly before Obama left office, his administration mandated that every public school advance the transgender issue in girls’ locker rooms, sports teams and more—or lose their federal funding. President Trump did away with this dangerous mandate right away, restoring common sense for schools.

When asked about this, Cory Booker said: “I will change the Trump Administration’s Guidance back to the Obama Administration’s Guidance, but we cannot stop there,” promising to use the power of his administration to punish schools for not advancing the LGBT agenda.

When talking about people of faith who follow the Bible’s teaching, especially on sexuality, Booker said: “People use religion as a justification for discrimination.”

For Booker, Bible-believers are “discriminators” who should be punished by the law, particularly the Equality Act.

Former Vice President of the United States, former U.S. Senator from Delaware

The former Vice President made his allegiance to the LGBT agenda very clear, emphasizing that if he were President he would lead the way on sexual issues. He said: “We allow homophobes to control the agenda,” about any current elected leaders who don’t fall in line with the LGBT agenda.

To Biden, people who love and care about LGBT friends and family, yet live out biblical values, or have concerns about what their children are taught about sexuality at school, or disagree with prioritizing a sexual agenda over other political issues are simply “homophobes” who should be punished by his potential government and especially by the Equality Act.

Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Mayor Buttigieg is the first openly gay-identifying presidential candidate, stating in the town hall that his same-sex marriage has drawn him closer to God. He was asked several questions about prioritizing the LGBT agenda over religious freedom.

He said: “The right to religious freedom ends where religion is being used as an excuse to harming other people.” Except the “harm” he’s talking about isn’t some kind of physical harm or real persecution. What he’s talking about are long-standing, God-given religious freedom rights in this country that ensure business owners, ministries, and others are free to operate their business or ministry in a way that honors God.

Buttigieg believes this is “harmful” and should be punishable by law—particularly the Equality Act which would have very serious implications for religious freedom of not just government workers, but private business owners, families, Christian ministries and schools, and more.

U.S. Senator from Minnesota

Klobuchar also repeatedly stated her support for the Equality Act and emphasized her understanding that religious freedom is “discrimination” and should be punishable by law. And, she too believes that parents shouldn’t be permitted to seek talk therapy for children struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or struggles with gender identity.

Klobuchar was also the only candidate who stated during the Town Hall that she supports state and federal governments recognizing a “third gender” like an “X” marked on a driver’s license instead of male or female, saying “Yes, I will recognize third genders on the federal level.” This is a radical idea that defeats the very purpose of having a form of identification.

Each one of these candidates are hoping to defeat President Trump and obtain the highest office in the land.

And that’s why Family Policy Alliance is already working on our “Election 2020: Targeting to Win” plan. Religious freedom, family values, and the right to life all suffered great harm under the Obama Administration—while the LGBT agenda became top priority. Yet each one of these new candidates promises to not only return to Obama-era policies, but to go way beyond into even more radical adherence to a sexualized political agenda.

People of faith, and even families of no faith who simply are concerned for their children, are tired of being labeled as child-torturing, homophobic discriminators.

We hope you’ll help us spread the word that these candidates would be disastrous for families and harmful to America. And if you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to download your FREE copy of our Parent’s Resource Guide on the Transgender Issue to help you work through this issue with compassion at your child’s school.

For Families,

Autumn Leva,
Vice President of Strategy