How Can Parents Respond to the Transgender Trend?

October 18

I graduated high school in the early 2000’s, and I’d like to believe that wasn’t that long ago. Back in those days, changing in front of your classmates in the locker room was simply an uncomfortable experience, and if a boy were caught in the girls’ facilities, he would most certainly face detention or worse.

That’s not the case for students now—and it really hasn’t been since around 2016. Shortly before then-President Obama left office, his administration released what’s known as the “transgender mandate” on public schools. This mandate forced public schools to adopt transgender policies—such as freely permitting men in girls’ locker rooms, sports teams, and more—or else risk losing their federal funding.

Thankfully, President Trump did away with this mandate right away, restoring common sense for schools. But the damage was already done.

Liberal school districts used the Obama policy as “cover” to pass transgender policies they wanted to pass anyway. Other school districts were confused or mistaken about the law and believed they had no choice but to implement transgender policies—even after President Trump eliminated the mandate.

And, what’s worse, because school districts rightly feared the reactions of parents, many school boards would pass these policies quietly. Parents wouldn’t find out about the changes until after they had already been made and were given no opportunity to be heard.

In the wake of this political chaos, parents have been knocked on their heels when their kindergartners have come home from school wondering “how little girls become little boys.” Young female track athletes, as I was, are forced to change in front of and compete against males. Children are scolded for using the correct pronouns when referring to classmates—forced to undergo “re-education” so that they feel comfortable referring to a “him” as a “her.”

Parents are rightly wondering how to respond and what their rights are.

In fact, Family Policy Alliance receives so many calls from parents about this issue that we partnered with an unlikely coalition to provide a resource for parents. We joined with a self-described radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), our friends at D.C.-based The Heritage Foundation, our allied state organization Minnesota Family Council, and two parent groups who have children or loved ones struggling with gender confusion, to release the first-ever Gender Resource Guide for parents on how to navigate the transgender issue with their children.

We are proud to partner with this unique coalition to produce a valuable resource for parents. The Guide is endorsed by medical professionals—including those who are experts in gender dysphoria, individuals who have lived as the opposite sex and “de-transitioned,” faith leaders, national policy experts, and more.

The Gender Resource Guide will help parents understand the transgender trend and its consequences, understand the implications of transgender activism in schools, communicate with school leaders, advocate for common sense policies and act with compassion toward everyone involved in the conversation.

We’d like to invite you to download your FREE copy of the Guide today! And, please share the link with your friends so that they can download it too.

We believe “politics” need not be a dirty word, but it certainly is when a political agenda takes precedence over children and their families. Our calling is to equip parents to understand the issue, help them stand firm in biblical truth, and to help them take action.

We pray you find this new Guide valuable as you navigate the transgender trend with your children and their school!

For families,

Autumn Leva,
Vice President of Strategy