“Then We Will Have Our Battle in The Shade”

October 24

This email is for the battle-minded Christian. Are you ready to stand firm and take action?

According to legend and popular depiction, it was said that the Persian army’s arrows could block out the sun. In response, one Spartan soldier replied during the Battle of Themopylae “then we shall have our battle in the shade.”

In the face of terrifying odds, overwhelming force, and a massive arsenal, many would choose to bend the knee and surrender their freedom. The Spartan in this legendary story – one that has endured for roughly 2,500 years – saw an opportunity. He didn’t choose to deny the strength of his adversary. Instead, he found a positive source of encouragement in the resources of his enemy and resolved to win the day in the shade of his enemy’s might.

As we head into the 2020 election, we find ourselves in a similar situation as this courageous Spartan.

Our opponent has many arrows. Organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood are already spending massive amounts of money lying about our pro-life legislators. Seeing this sort of spending this far ahead of an election is unprecedented. Yet, their deep pockets are allowing them to spend this money to distort the truth and claim our state for their radical agenda.

It’d be easy to feel that their dark, twisted message is blocking out the light. It’d be easy to resign to defeat. It’d be easy to feel as Theoden did in the Lord of the Rings Two Towers movie when he declares in despair, “what can men do against such reckless hate.”

But, I see – despite a powerful opposition – a reason to be excited as they throw their barrage of resources against us.

If the pro-abortion crowd wants to make the 2020 election about the Heartbeat Bill, we welcome it and will eagerly fight the battle on those terms. Already resorting to lies and deceit, they don’t have a message or rationale to support their position. Science is on our side. Common sense is on our side. The power of hearing an ultrasound is on our side.

Should they choose to fire their millions of arrows in this fight, I will gladly fight in the shade of their arcane and nonsensical position!

In addition to being on the right side, we have the right fighters on our side. Governor Brian Kemp is a humble and tireless public servant. It’s impossible to depict him as caring to do anything beside protecting the unborn – it’s why his poll numbers are soaring! Similarly, Rep. Ed Setzler, the bill’s sponsor, is reasoned, articulate, and fact-based. We couldn’t ask for a better spokesman to be in the trenches with!

Over this election cycle, the millions the other side will spend will only draw further attention to this pivotal issue. That’s good! We’ve seen that the more people know and think about life and when it begins, the more they rally to our cause. So, yes, please keep talking about the issue!

Furthermore, we know that the opening salvo fired by these radical, unhinged organizations is an outright lie about the contents of the bill. Georgia voters are too smart to fall for this!

If they want to fire these arrows, we welcome the opportunity it provides us to win the battle on our terms.

In the film depiction of the battle of Thermopylae, the protagonist, King Leonidas, says to his men, “give them nothing, but take from them everything.” Politically, this is what we will do here in Georgia.

We won’t give up an inch. We won’t hem and haw or apologize for being pro-life. We won’t modify the nation’s most pro-life life law or speak with regret. We won’t concede a single seat – fighting for every legislator who voted for the bill.

At the same time, we will take everything they have. We will take the wasted millions they spend in Georgia. We will take this “opportunity” they see to flip our state and, instead, hold it with pride. We will take the seats of those who voted against protecting babies with beating hearts. And, most importantly, we will take this issue that they believe is a winner and own it, reclaim it, and rally voters behind the right thing – protecting innocent human.

I’m ready for this fight, Christian soldier. But we are counting on you to boldly spread this message, engage your community, enlist your church, support local candidates, and partner with our organization. Should you do so, we will fight in the shade to a glorious victory.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Our pro-life, pro-family legislators are counting on us to fight back against these evil attacks. Please consider a generous gift today to help us win BIG in 2020!