Transgender Lessons for Kindergarteners?

October 24

By Vince Torres

Meet Chelsea. Chelsea is the mother of a kindergartner in California. She was shocked when her child’s kindergarten class was taught about transgenderism through books, as well as a student being “revealed as the opposite sex.” Parents were never even notified that this topic would be introduced in their child’s kindergarten class, much less given the choice to opt out of the presentations. Another parent at the same school shared the story of her daughter’s reaction: “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”

Meet Annette. Annette is the mother of a middle-school girl in New Jersey. She recently learned that her daughter would be forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with any boy who identifies as a girl. Her daughter was obviously distraught by this and Annette was told by the principal that the bathroom policy was permissible under New Jersey law.

Meet Emily. Emily is a mother of seven from Minnesota. She purposely sent her children to a classical charter school, known for its values and rigorous academic program, to avoid many of the policies and challenges parents are now facing in public schools. Eventually, however, some parents who believed their child to be transgender moved into the school. With the help of a transgender-activist organization, these parents then pressured the school to adapt “transgender policies.” The school subsequently brought in speakers to advance the transgender agenda with the children.

These are true stories from real parents. And sadly, these stories are no longer “fringe cases.” They are now a growing trend, and in some states, they are becoming the norm. Parents of children in both public and private schools are facing difficult situations and policies involving the transgender trend. Even parents who homeschool are finding that their children are being exposed to the issue in unexpected ways (e.g. “Drag Queen Story Hour” at public libraries).

Together with our national allies across the country, we are hearing from more and more parents who want to know how they can respond and what they can do. In response, we teamed up with an unlikely coalition of organizations that includes the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF)—a self-described radical feminist group—to provide a “Parent Resource Guide” on the transgender issue.

Why would we partner with a radical feminist organization? Because protecting children is not a partisan issue.

This Guide was designed by both liberals and conservatives; Christians and non-Christians; medical, legal and policy experts; and others. In other words, this Guide can be used by any parent who is concerned about how the transgender trend will impact their child.

The Guide will help parents:

  • Understand the transgender trend and its consequences;
  • Understand the implications of transgender activism in schools;
  • Communicate with school leaders;
  • Advocate for common sense policies; and
  • Act with compassion in the conversation.

The “Parent Resource Guide” is our FREE GIFT to you today.

With powerful lobbying groups, teachers’ unions, school boards, and school administrators pushing policies that mandate the inclusion of transgender ideology in curriculum, athletics, grammar, and even basic bathroom and locker room privacy, parents need somewhere to turn. So please, click on the button below to download your free copy, then forward this email to as many people as you would like.