Sign the LGBT Curriculum Petition to Protect Students in NJ

October 25

Dear Friends,

Your voice is needed to protect New Jersey children today!

Impressionable students – our children and grandchildren – are about to be forced to endure radical LGBT sexual indoctrination in the classroom. That’s after state lawmakers ignored the comments of their constituents and instead bowed to the pressure of powerful lobbying groups.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, a new mandated curriculum will require textbook authors to speculate about the sexual preferences and gender identity of noteworthy historical figures – and then impose this false narrative on our children in public schools. The radical left’s endless obsession with sexuality should not be forced upon our children!

Your voice is needed to speak out for parental rights amid these changes.

The sexual indoctrination of our children must end.

Parents should know that the scope of these changes affects every subject in school, and it takes away their right to opt their children out of the questionable instruction. In many ways, this instruction will directly challenge Biblical teaching on homosexuality and what parents choose to teach children at home.

Facts About New Jersey’s LGBT Curriculum Mandate

  • This law violates the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children. It was written with no opt-out protection nor protections for families who have religious and moral objections to the content.
  • This law forces radical sexual ideology and it’s indoctrination into the minds and hearts of our children – again, without parental recourse.
  • This law encourages revisionist history and teaches children that they’re no more than the sum of their sexual desires and feelings.

Please take a moment to sign the New Jersey LGBT Curriculum Opt-Out Petition to Governor Murphy and the Legislature. We have made it simple – just follow this petition link and join us today.


Shaen Hyland
Advocacy Director
Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey

Len Deo
Director of Alliances – Northeast Region, Family Policy Alliance
Fo0under and Past President, New Jersey Family Policy Council