TENNESSEE: A New Push for God-Given Marriage Launches in Your State and Needs Your Help!

October 28

Our allies at Family Action Council of Tennessee have just launched a new initiative that could reshape the marriage debate in Tennessee and eventually the nation.

God-Given Marriage informs Tennesseans on the true nature of marriage and gives citizens practical steps toward restoring that understanding of marriage.

With the backing of leading constitutional attorneys, this initiative clarifies what marriage really is – and the legal limits on courts that try to re-define it.

  • Where does marriage come from – government or God?  If government, we can make anything a marriage. If it’s from God, then, as Chief Justice Roberts said, “Just who do we think we are” to redefine it?
  • Court’s don’t make laws, and federal courts surely can’t make them for the states. They don’t “legalize” anything, but only issue judgments to resolve specific disputes between parties. The legislature is the body that makes laws and “legalizes” things.
  • Licenses require laws, and Tennessee has no laws for issuing licenses for a marriage defined without regard to the sex of the parties. Current laws only allow for the issuance of licenses for marriages defined by the two sexes. Yet Tennessee and other states are just issuing licenses as ifsuch laws were passed.

 Please visit God-Given Marriage today to learn more and find out how you can reshape the marriage debate right now in the Volunteer State!

The Family Policy Alliance Team