The Transgender Trend – Here’s Help for Parents

October 31


My jaw dropped when I read that 27 percent of California adolescents report that others view them as gender nonconforming, according to a study by the UCLA School of Law.

While I doubt that the number is really that high (I have significant problems with the study’s methodology), it does shed light on a growing problem.

More and more of our youths are identifying as transgender or another alternative gender identity. Naturally, this trend creates complications for many areas of life, including at home and at school, and parents and grandparents are left wondering how to respond.

To help parents navigate this topic with their children, Family Policy Alliance has joined with other national organizations to create The Parent Resource Guide: Understanding the Transgender Issue. Endorsed by medical professionals, policy experts, and faith leaders, this resource is designed to:

  • Help you understand the consequences of the transgender trend
  • Consider the implications of transgender activism and “gender inclusion” policies in schools
  • Explain what your parental rights are and give you the tools to protect your child’s constitutional privacy and First Amendment rights
  • Encourage parents and school officials to work together to create a respectful school environment
  • Help you communicate with your school officials and advocate for common sense policies that will respect the dignity of all students
  • Give tips on creating community and support among like-minded parents

The transgender trend harms individuals and threatens parental rights, religious freedom, and liberty of conscience. Even here in Idaho, biological boys can play in girls’ high school sports, public libraries encourage transgender lifestyles, and children receive dangerous hormone therapies and endure irreversible gender reassignment surgeries.

Knowing this, we’re excited to help parents stand for truth in love, equipping them with the tools to protect their children and influence their communities for the better.

We pray this free resource will be helpful for you and your family. Please download it today, and feel free to forward this email to others!

 Standing with your family,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy