21st Century Barbarism

November 14

Imagine a society that is so medically backward that it unquestioningly allows patients to self-diagnose a life-altering condition without any testing or scientific basis to back it up.

Imagine the next-level barbarism of a civilization that condoned mutilating the genitals and castrating young children on the basis of nothing more than a feeling.

Consider the wickedness of a community that encouraged the growth of such operations or chemicals that do irrevocable, life-long damage on the youngest among them – those suffering from intense psychological harm – and setting them up for a life of depression and all-too-often suicide.

Can you imagine the level of contempt you’d have to have to look a young person in the eye and affirm “Your biology is a mistake. Your very genetic code is wrong, and you can only be ‘fixed’ if you determine to have surgery or use chemicals to fundamentally change who you are.”

As you likely have guessed, the society I am referring to is ours, and the wickedness referenced is one we are, sadly, seeing today. The imposition of the transgender ideology on our children is nothing short of 21st century barbarism – something we would be horrified by if we read about it in a history textbook referencing an ancient culture thousands of years ago.

In the same way that we’ve made gains for a culture that cherishes life, it’s now incumbent upon us – right here and now – to fight against this coopt of medically sound practices and to affirm to every human being that we not only cherish their life but we cherish the way their Creator made them.

That’s why we’re so excited to support Rep. Ginny Ehrhart as she takes a bold stand for children by protecting them from the harm of chemical and surgical efforts to “transition” them to another gender.

Here’s our statement of support for this effort:

“We are greatly encouraged by Rep. Ginny Ehrhart’s commitment to protecting Georgia’s children from the growing trend of pushing minors toward experimental hormones and irreversible genital mutilation. There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than seeing a child – who typically cannot make any other medical decision for herself – sacrificed at the altar of a radical agenda and set on a path that leads to depression, countless complications, and all-too-often suicide. While we respect the legitimacy of the struggle that many Georgians, including children, endure, we cannot in good conscience allow our society to turn that struggle into a permanent mutilation that violates their natural development at such young ages.”

My friends, this goes far beyond the “let me love who I want to love” refrain of the LGB crowd (an issue that, for the time being, has been wrongfully settled by the Supreme Court). Instead, this is an anti-science, anti-gender movement aimed at expanding the “T” agenda and imposing it on children who will spend a lifetime suffering the consequences.

This is a very difficult issue and has lasting ramifications for individuals who undergo transition services. To hear from someone who has experienced this crisis, view Walt Heyer’s comments about detransitioning.

As all-too-many of you have experienced, the radical transgender agenda is having very real impacts in many parent’s everyday life. Parents are having to face this issue more and more often with their kids because what is happening in their schools. We’ve created a helpful guide to explain the transgender issue. You can download our parent resource guide here.

Over the coming years, this is a new frontier where Christians will be called to stand firm and take action, and we are committed to taking the lead. Please feel free to share this guide with others, including your pastor, in the stand against 21st century barbarism.

In the Fight,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. We are committed to standing firm and taking strong action on this issue. Consider making a contribution today to help us stand for God’s design at the Capitol!