Help STOP the SeXXXualization of Children!

November 20

Dear Friends,

Comprehensive sexual education in the public school system has become increasingly more graphic and political in recent years, to the dismay of many parents. For example, the Austin Independent School District (AISD) in Texas—the same district that recently hosted a drag queen for “Pride Week Story Time” in one of its elementary schools—adopted a radical comprehensive sex education curriculum with elements designed by Canadian abortion providers. The curriculum includes lessons teaching students how to engage in anal sex “comfortably” and how to procure birth control, abortions, and other “healthcare” without their parents’ knowledge.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity to support an alternative education program in New Mexico—the YES! Program.

The Youth Empowered & Strong Education Program (YES!) is an alternative to the radical attempts to socially engineer what our children learn about sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The program meets 98% of the state and federal benchmarks required for health and physical education, and provides children with age-appropriate introductions to sensitive and intimately personal topics. It also teaches children the characteristics of healthy relationships and encourages self-respect and respect for others—the building blocks for a healthy and successful life.

On December 6, our friends at Care Net of Santa Fe/Espanola are hosting a fundraiser with special guests, Lt. Colonel Allen West and Bobbi Gutierrez, Superintendent of Espanola Valley Public Schools. The banquet is being held from 6:30-9:00PM, at Embassy Suites of Albuquerque.

Registration for the event is available here. Please come learn more about how you can partner with Care Net to bring the YES! Program to all children in New Mexico.

I hope to see you there!

Vince Torres
Executive Director