Anger Assaults Atlanta

November 21

Last night, anger in Atlanta prevailed… anger at the President, anger at the Governor, anger at the business community, and anger at anyone who holds pro-faith, pro-family and pro-life positions—that’s YOU! I’m talking about the Democratic Presidential debate that descended on the Peach State.

But with all that rancor; one thing was clearly missing… solutions! And, when you are a leftist and can’t communicate concrete solutions—the only solution is socialism!

Higher taxes; free college; student loan forgiveness; $2,000 a month for childcare; and a constitutional right to abortion. The Democrat Party is now the party of death, sex and payouts.

Is Georgia ready to accept this?

The Left certainly thinks so. After the debate, the candidates scurried about Atlanta trying to court groups and make the case that they and their radical ideas are best suited to win Georgia in 2020. We can’t let this happen!

Stacey Abrams—who was deified by the debaters—is marshaling outside groups, raising special interest money and making the case to all who will listen that Georgia is ripe for a flip. Yet, as I’ve travelled the state recently with my colleague, Cole Muzio, Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, I got an entirely different sense.

That’s because of you and many like you across the Peach State. Because of you, I see a state on the rise—one bursting with optimism and pride, and where the family and Christian values so necessary for flourishing communities are being advanced by the Governor and state leadership.

Despite the liberal media’s angry rants and the actions of the candidates themselves, I see hope. However, hope only happens if you and Georgians across the state continue to stand firm and take action (Dan. 11:32).

You see, Georgia truly is ground zero in the battle for the White House and critical for the future make-up of the federal courts and Supreme Court. Georgia is the only state with two Senate seats on the ballot, two of the nation’s tightest congressional seats, and a full slate of state legislative elections. Georgia could literally determine the future of our nation for decades to come!

That’s why I am asking you right now to support Cole Muzio and Family Policy Alliance of Georgia with your most generous gift. Just $25, $250, or $1,000 today could make all the difference!

If Wednesday night’s debate displayed anything it displayed this—in a postmodern generation, anything can be true as long as you say it well. You know better! Please support Family Policy Alliance of Georgia today.

Standing with the family in Georgia,

Paul Weber
President & CEO



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