Here’s Why I Thank You

November 27

Here’s Why I Thank You

At Family Policy Alliance®, we talk a lot about our vision of a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

But without you, that would just be a lot of talk.

I’m thankful for you because – in a variety of ways – you help turn that vision into reality. Let me count the ways:

1. You act.

We know that politicians are far more likely to listen when they hear from their constituents. That’s why we put great emphasis on helping you speak up to your elected officials. And how you have responded! So far in 2019, you’ve sent well over half a million messages through our online Action Center – plus countless thousands of phone calls – helping bring about some stunning victories!

2. You give.

Your sacrificial giving to protect life, to uphold religious freedom and to help families thrive not only makes all of our work possible, but it is such an inspiration. Every dollar you give is deeply appreciated and carefully used to advance this critical mission.

3. You pray.

It’s your most powerful weapon in the cultural chaos of this moment. Thank you for your prayers – for Family Policy Alliance and for our nation.

4. You share.

Thank you for multiplying the impact and the reach of Family Policy Alliance by regularly sharing information and action alerts with your circle of influence. That simple act makes such a difference!

This year, your actions, donations, prayers and sharing have yielded a harvest of good results. Here’s just a taste of what you helped accomplish:

You helped religious freedom flourish by defeating dangerous legislation in several states – and your outpouring of nearly 60,000 messages to the halls of power in D.C. helped to stop the catastrophic so-called Equality Act. And in this month’s elections, your support was pivotal in electing candidates who are committed to protecting religious freedom.

You helped families thrive by advancing various pro-family policies around the country – from New Jersey to Idaho. Just as important, you stopped a host of anti-family schemes such as the poorly named Equal Rights Amendment, and your tens of thousands of messages stopped in its tracks a big push to legalize prostitution in our nation’s capital.

You helped cherish life by passing major pro-life legislation – from Georgia to North Dakota and beyond. You also protected the elderly and infirm by stopping assisted suicide in several states. And you helped bring about the biggest 2019 public policy miracle of all – the against-all-odds defeat of a radical pro-abortion bill in New Mexico that seemed impossible to stop.

And there’s so much more – from the scores of trained Statesmen Academy alums serving in legislative bodies to the major, behind-the-scenes preparation for next year’s monumental elections.

Your support, in all of the ways I mentioned above, has been instrumental.

And that’s why I thank you.


Paul Weber
President and CEO