Idaho: Urge Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson to Drop Support for Anti-Religious Liberty Bill

December 10

People of faith throughout the nation were shocked when they heard then-presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke promising to strip religious organizations of their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage.

Such hostility to religious freedom echoed the provisions of the Equality Act, a bill passed in the Pelosi-controlled House of Representatives earlier this year that would have decimated religious liberty by enshrining “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes in federal civil rights law.

Thankfully, the Equality Act is currently a nonstarter in the Senate. But the results of this legislation would have been disastrous if it had been enacted into law.

Now a small group of Republican lawmakers, including Representative Mike Simpson (ID-02), are attempting to bridge the mammoth divide between religious liberty and the demands of LGBT activists. Regrettably, their new legislation, called Fairness for All, is nothing more than “Equality Act-lite.” Your help is needed to send a message to Rep Simpson.

Their effort is undoubtedly well-intentioned. But the effect is the same: ‘Fairness for All’ fails to live up to its promise to preserve religious freedom.

Although supporters of ‘Fairness for All’ tout limited carve-outs for churches and religious non-profits, the legislation strips other Americans of their religious freedom:

  • Adoption agencies and foster parents that receive federal funds would be required to affirm a child’s chosen gender identity or sexual orientation, thereby preventing the child from receiving counseling that could help him accept his biological sex or change his behaviors
  • Schools and places of public accommodations would be forced to allow biological men into spaces designated for women, including bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Hospitals, medical providers, and mental health professionals could face costly lawsuits if they fail to provide “gender affirming” treatment to patients with gender dysphoria
  • Christian business owners with more than 14 employees would lose their right to hire and operate their business according to their religious beliefs

Because ‘Fairness for All’ doesn’t protect the constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom of every American, it isn’t truly “fair” for all. To a very limited extent, it protects the shepherd—the pastor and the church. But it doesn’t protect the sheep—the people in the pews on Sunday.

Furthermore, LGBT activists aren’t willing to compromise on rolling back religious liberty in pursuit of universal affirmation and celebration of their lifestyles. Some, like the ACLU and the Human Rights Campaign, are already demanding that all religious liberty protections be removed to make way for so-called LGBT “rights.”

Use our Action Center to ask Rep. Mike Simpson (ID-02) to withdraw his name from the list of cosponsors of Fairness for All. It will only take a few seconds. And don’t forget to share this with people you know who are concerned about preserving religious freedom for future generations!


Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy