What on Earth Are You Doing?

December 12

It’s not out-of-the-norm to hear a phrase like “what on earth are you doing” being directed toward one of my 3 children. You see, they are naturally skilled troublemakers (from their mother, of course), and logic isn’t always the driving force in their decision-making process.

As a parent, it’s always fun hearing their explanations for the bizarre or bad thing they’ve just done – with my oldest son, Peyton (5), offering a detailed explanation that may or not make sense, my middle child, Cade (3), usually opting for a blunt shrug and “I don’t know” (admitting that he put absolutely zero thought behind his decision), and Jarrett (1) preferring to laugh at the suggestion that what he’d done was wrong and attempt to continue in his disruptive activity. (Again, they totally get it from their mom, of course).

Today, with a heart of gratitude, I want to provide you with some answers to exactly what your support of us has been doing and will do in the year to come.

With the end-of-the-year rapidly approaching, your mailbox and Inbox are likely filling up with solicitations for funds from various organizations looking to close out 2019 strong. As you weigh ministries to support, what you’re passionate about, and who you trust with your hard-earned resources, I want to make sure you know exactly what on earth your generosity toward Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® and Family Policy Foundation of Georgia® is doing:

  • Fundamentally transforming the political culture in Georgia, as FPA partners with leaders for whom “what is the right thing” (as opposed to “what is the political thing”) is the foremost question in decisions
  • Advancing the cause of life. As the leading organization fighting for the Heartbeat Bill, Family Policy Alliance is committed to continuing to promote a Georgia where all life is cherished – with adoption and foster care reform, abortion pill reversal, Simon’s Law, etc.
  • Leading the charge in elections, as FPA is delivering the most significant pro-family elections plan we’ve ever seen – aimed at re-electing our pro-life President, our 2 pro-life US Senators, winning competitive US House races for our pro-family candidates, and expanding the majority of state legislators who share our values (actively monitoring, recruiting candidates, and building support in more than 40 “swing districts”)
  • Expanding our programs to help the church be the church – with more talks at churches and bible studies, more resources, and a new program to train citizens in biblical citizenship
  • Protecting children from the radical transgender agenda that is leading to the castration of our young people and the violation of privacy and fundamental fairness in locker rooms and on athletic fields.
  • Supporting your right to school choice with Tebow legislation and other endeavors aimed to help make the route you’ve determined is best for your child easier to achieve
  • Doing more to equip our Statesmen, growing our base of states in the movement, and engaging on a host of other issues
  • Most foundationally, helping Christians fulfill the biblical mandate to love their neighbor through unleashing biblical citizenship!

No doubt, you have many worthy causes you have heard from in recent days. However, I want you to know that your support of us has provided the movement MAJOR momentum politically, empowered godly leaders, and strengthened the body of Christ in its mission to advance His truth. It’s been powerful to witness!

To build on this great work in 2020, I’m asking that you join us by contributing generously today.

This time next year, I look forward to writing about even more elections, policy, and “biblical citizenship” successes. Also, I hope to unveil plans to expand our ministry through new staff and programs. You’ve helped us grow dramatically over the last 12 months, and I’m looking forward to building on the momentum you’ve helped us establish.

So, what on earth are you doing? You’re glorifying God in Georgia as well as making a major difference in protecting life, advancing freedom, and increasing opportunity. You’re loving your neighbor, and you’re helping form a better world for the next generation. You’re at the forefront of the fight, and, unlike my children, I’m thankful you know exactly what you’re doing.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. I can’t begin to tell you the incredible difference you’ve made. In less than 3 years of our ministry’s presence in Georgia, we’ve fundamentally changed the political climate in our state, and we’re only just getting started. The opportunity to make a difference is even greater in 2020, and I’m humbly asking you to partner with us with a generous gift today.