Trenton Fails Families Again

December 18

Family is the God-designed, smallest and single best institution for the creation, protection, provision, and training of children; the honoring and caring for elderly; and for the fulfillment of all human needs. As such, thriving families eliminate the need for costly government intervention programs and serve as an important check on the power and size of government. Therefore, NJ lawmakers’ tireless fascination with big intrusive government is diametrically opposed to strong families. This past Monday’s vote on key issues give substantial evidence some officials prefer to please their corporate friends than protect their constituent families.

Recreational Marijuana – ROLL CALL OF VOTES

The effort to place the legalization of recreational marijuana on the 2020 ballot passed both chambers by the super majority required of a 3/5 vote. If lawmakers merely passed it by a simple majority, they would have been required to vote again in January. However, with the full support of all Democrats, except one; and the opposition of Republicans, except one; the Senate had enough votes, by one, to officially place the grave responsibility of legalization into the hands of NJ voters next fall. The Assembly narrowly had a supermajority by two votes.

Clearly, NJ Legislators have decided to abandon their responsibilities. Will NJ voters realize that after two years of expert testimony, committee hearings, white paper research and data analysis from other states, the Legislature might have information that prevented them from passing it? Big Tobacco will benefit at the expense of our youth and underserved urban areas.

Planned Parenthood Funding – ROLL CALL OF VOTES

Reduction of state aid for public schools, senior services, and hospital care have made the headlines across our state. NJ is amid a fiscal crisis. Governor Phil Murphy cut $48 million in spending this year and froze $235 million depending on revenue received.

“We need to stop spending what we shouldn’t have, and what we don’t have.” Governor Phil Murphy, June 30, 2019

Tragically, this facade of fiscal responsibility does not apply to the largest wealthiest abortion provider in the world. The Senate approved a near 100% increase to Planned Parenthood to provide abortion services in targeted urban areas. Their current state aid of $9.5 million will now surge to $20 million. The Assembly overwhelmingly approved this measure two weeks ago.

Religious Liberty

A positive outcome was felt by religious liberty and parental rights advocates opposing the government mandate of controversial vaccinations. The bill effortlessly passed the Assembly chambers on Monday but stalled in the Senate by one vote. The mobilization and vocal resistance to this law by thousands of parents is to be applauded and repeated on many issues. However, the fight continues as Thursday, January 9, the Senate is scheduled to vote on this bill.

We must not allow these setbacks to discourage us from increased engagement. Legislators expect the outrage generated during a lame duck session will not equate to increased voter turnout the following November. Let’s change their minds!

Determined and undeterred,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

Len Deo
Director of Alliances Northeast Region, Family Policy Alliance
Founder & Past President, New Jersey Family Policy Council