The Best Gift Ever—A Red Sweater.

December 23

Nearly every Christmas, my dear Grandmother would give me a red sweater. I don’t recall her doing the same for my siblings or cousins—but I confess that memories fade after 40+ years. Looking back, that red sweater was always one of my favorite gifts. Not because I particularly like sweaters a lot or because my favorite color is red—it isn’t.

I loved the red sweater because of how my Grandmother looked at me when I opened it. She would beam with joy. She would come to me, pat my cheek and tell me “how good I looked in red.”

Grandma is gone now. Yet, red sweaters at Christmas still bring a smile and a tear—because I’ll always remember her joy from having picked out the perfect present for me. Indeed, those moments when a simple red sweater—in her eyes—made me my best, are memories I will cherish for life.

In a similar way…

Our Grand Father gave us the most special gift, chosen specifically for us by name, given at the perfect time, so that when putting Him on—He, too, sees only our best. How can we ever say thank you enough for that?

I hope when you see a red sweater this Christmas (and they’re everywhere 🙂), you will also recall the Father’s joy for you in knowing that He gave you the best gift ever.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at Family Policy Alliance!


Paul Weber
President & CEO