The Hope of Christmas

December 24

One of the great word associations with Christmas is “hope.”

There is something special about the season – with more time with family, the conclusion of a year, and the reflection on God’s greatest gift – that lends itself to a hopeful feeling that builds on the celebration of hope personified.

Yet, as we know from Scripture, the coming of Christ was not the origination of hope. Instead, hope was provided the moment humanity fell. The Lord provided a promise of redemption right there in Genesis 3:15. Upon the very instant hope was needed, hope was provided in the form of a promise from a God who never lies and whose power to deliver is beyond understanding.

But, sometimes doubt is easy, isn’t it? It certainly was easy for those in the time of Christ who had so allowed doubt to take root that they ultimately killed the Savior they’d hoped for. And, it’s easy to allow doubt to creep in to the point where you miss the glimmers of hope the Lord provides in the midst of a wave of easily found negativity when you turn on the news.

Hope is never absent, though, and that’s by design. Hope is to be a defining trait of the believer even when it’s difficult and unnatural. Because the Lord didn’t wait to give hope, He hates for us to wait to cling to it. It’s there. Always present. And, even when it’s hard to see, it remains a great gift available to us.

This year has, thankfully, been one where hope has been easier to see. We have, especially here in Georgia, been blessed with godly leadership. Our state helped light a flame that spread across the nation for life – marking what is the most hopeful year ever in our efforts to save life. We have momentum on every front, and we are seeing the results from our labors.

We have been blessed to see hope more clearly this year, but, no matter what happens in 2020, it will be present in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. May hope be at the root of every decision, discussion, victory, and defeat. May we never lose sight of the great gift of hope.

I want to thank you for the hope you have given me, for the hopefulness you show in your own walk, and for the hope you have helped bring to your state. May that light of hope be with you in bountiful ways this Christmas and may it remain visible for all the world to see.

Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Merry Christmas! So much to celebrate and what a great God we serve!

Merry Christmas!

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director