The Time is Now!

January 1

My name is Nathan Winters and I am the new Advocacy Director for Family Policy Alliance® serving in Wyoming. I formerly served as a pastor with the First Baptist Church of Thermopolis. I am also a former, three-term State Representative, and today, I am proud to share with you an exciting opportunity for our state!

Last year, the good Lord led me to begin my search for a way to address some of the challenges we face in Wyoming. It is no secret that forces are at work in our culture to prevent Christians from living out their biblical values in the public square. Increasing attacks on religious freedom, the family, and the sanctity of life are making it more difficult for Christians to take a stand for their values. As a pastor, I have seen the negative impact that progressive culture is having on people, and as a legislator, I witnessed how bad public policy directly impacts the lives of our neighbors.

My journey for a solution to address these challenges ultimately led me to Family Policy Alliance. To claim ground and bring light into darkness, Family Policy Alliance—a public policy partner of Focus on the Family—is already carrying the banner of Christian values forward in 40 states. Their mission is to unleash biblical citizenship, equip and elect statesmen, promote policy, and work with an effective alliance, all committed to a common vision—a Wyoming and a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

To achieve this mission and vision, Family Policy Alliance needs strong pro-family organizations in every state. Today, I am excited to inform you that they are now seeking support to launch their newest state ally—Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming!

Imagine a Wyoming-based organization that is building alliances with churches, promoting sound public policy in Cheyenne, mobilizing Christians to elect honorable candidates, and equipping citizens to understand the issues. That is the opportunity before us, and with your help, we can move from imagination to reality.

The funding needed to launch this effort is substantial and I am working hard to build a local network of support.

We have raised over half the funds required to launch Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming thanks to generous, local, ministry partners. Week by week, we have watched the momentum and excitement continue to build!

If you share this vision for our state, I invite you to join me with your financial gift to help launch Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming to advance biblical citizenship and equip and elect statesmen, so that God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Standing for the family of believers in Wyoming,

Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy – Wyoming