Resolutions for Victory In 2020

January 2

I hope you were able to rest this holiday season because, as we unleash biblical citizenship in 2020, there is much for the Georgia faith community to accomplish in the year ahead.

Those of you I’ve spoken with personally know how grateful I am for the growth, impact, and victories this organization achieved in 2019. Because of supporters like you, we’ve transformed the Georgia political landscape for the better!

Yet, you also know what a critical year lies ahead, and I hope you know the degree to which we are resolved to achieve new heights, incredible victories, and powerful change for our values. Our New Year’s resolutions don’t involve tipping the scales a bit or making minor adjustments – they are to deliver generation-defining victories for our state like:

  • Passing adoption and foster care reform, Simon’s Law, and equal access for homeschool students
  • Expanding and building upon our training programs for political leaders and biblical citizens right here in our state
  • Rallying churches and believers across our state to get involved like never before
  • Electing pro-family leaders nationally that will continue to restore our court system, advance our values, and uphold the Constitution
  • Expanding our pro-life, pro-family majority at the Georgia State House

Just a few short years ago, none of this would have been possible. But you have helped launch and build this organization into the leading advocate for our values right here in our state. You’ve helped save lives, elect godly leaders, and transform our culture.

Now, we must be resolved to do even more in 2020.

PLEASE PRAY. This year could not be more critical. Those opposed to our values are, likewise, resolved – except their objective is to undermine science, de-value human life, supplant the role of the family, undo the progress we’ve made, and violate both the Constitution and basic common sense. Will we exceed their resolute efforts to do harm with our fortitude to see good realized in our state?

In less than two weeks, the Georgia legislative session will begin – where we will have the opportunity to pass God-honoring legislation. Months after that, we will be in primary season, where we will work to ensure we have the most pro-family nominees possible. Then, in November, a general election that could define our state and our nation for decades to come will take place. And, in the midst of all of this, we will be at work to reach Georgians with the message of how the love of Christ can be displayed in the public square and shown in our public policy.

There will be no rest for the weary, and 2020 is not for the faint of heart. We are resolved for victory and will do whatever it takes to see Him glorified in our state. Christian soldier, I’m honored to fight alongside you.

Resolved for Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director