Loving God – Loving Your Neighbor

January 3

Loving God and loving your neighbor are central tenants of the Christian faith. On those two commands rest the teachings of the Bible. Those who honestly and faithfully follow the teachings of Scripture work tirelessly to show love all over the world, sometimes in very difficult places.

This week I spoke in a church where a young man shared his burden to return to the tiny kingdom of Lesotho. There, he would continue to live among young shepherds, sharing their hardships and living in mud huts as they follow sheep among the craggy peaks of a mountain range in South Africa. How can a young man from an industrialized and comfortable society be so willing to live in such conditions? The only answer is, a deep and abiding love for God and others.

The same weekend I met this young man, I turned on the news to find that a similar message encouraging young people to “share God’s love,” given by a football star, had in a strange twist, become a message of “hate” according to some.

The “offending” video of NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, was 22-seconds long and was designed to show young people why they should bring their Bibles to school. The reason it was deemed so offending is because it supposedly was released on behalf of an organization that promotes a Christian, biblical worldview.

This same ugly tactic of calling Christians “haters” is used by a small but loud few every election season in an attempt to intimidate Christian men and women who desire to serve their neighbors in public office.

Tragically, it can sometimes work. When a good-hearted and loving Christian, who has never hated a day in their life, is called by radicals a “hater,” they sometimes retreat from the name-calling.

That is why the Family Policy Alliance® stands strong in a culture that daily challenges our values, seeks to silence our beliefs and disregards the time-tested Biblical values that gave the world the freest nation in history.

As we move toward launching Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, would you consider standing with us as we seek to promote a nation and Wyoming where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished!


Nathan Winters
Family Policy Alliance