Thank YOU for 2019!

January 8

The 2019 Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are now a week behind us.

The Christmas decorations are soon (if not already) stored away; the Christmas tree lights that still work have been carefully stowed in hopes they will light again next year (they never seem to!). And the Christmas cards received are now tucked away in a box because… it’s just too hard to discard them.

And with all the activity that the year-end brings, YOU also took precious time out to support Family Policy Alliance® and our sister ministry, Family Policy Foundation®.

Because of that, I just want to say:

Thank you!

On behalf of the Family Policy Alliance team, state policy allies, Statesmen, pastors and business leaders around the nation, we are grateful for your continued financial and prayer partnership.

Your support enabled us to meet the year-end Challenge Match established by generous ministry partners. Your outpouring has encouraged them and our team.

Because of you, we will carry the banner forward into 2020 aspiring to see our nation restored to one where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

With sincere gratitude to you, the family of believers, and wishing you a blessed 2020,

Paul Weber
President & CEO