Never thought I’d say this

January 9

The legislative session kicks off next week, and… I never thought I’d say this… that means I’m going to see some dear friends and incredibly godly people. Yes, that’s right folks. I count many of your elected officials to be some of the finest human beings I know, and I’m actually grateful for the time I spend around them.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that they are all wonderful, and there are certainly scoundrels among the ranks of opponents and, sadly, also amidst those who vote with us on the issues. But, I am nevertheless encouraged by the men and women of faith, sincerity, kindness, conviction, and servant-heartedness that I have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know under the Gold Dome.

So, while I certainly don’t look forward to the early morning daily drives to the Capitol this time of year, I am looking forward to 40 legislative days of working alongside brothers and sisters to advance our values. And, as we approach this critical time, I’m asking you to Unleash Biblical Citizenship by connecting with the legislators who represent you.

Most members of the Georgia legislature are married. Most have children. Most have other jobs. All are real people with lives, concerns, and feelings. All are capable of being encouraged and disheartened. And, all need to know you’re watching.

I’m asking you to proactively reach out to your legislator, get to know them as people as best you can, let them know they’re in your prayers (AND ACTUALLY PRAY FOR THEM!), and engage with us to let them know how you feel about particular issues.

Going into the legislative session, I tend to have an idea of how most legislators will vote on a particular issue, but your biblical citizenship is important:

  1. Because you, as a follower of Jesus, are called to show Christ-like love to all, even politicians
  2. Because you, as a citizen, are called to know the issues and be engaged
  3. Because you, as a human being, are called to build relationships – relationships that can change hearts, minds, and the outcomes of particular votes
  4. Because you, as a voter and community leader, are called to leverage your political power to affect change

Your actions in pointing a legislator to Christ, providing your legislator with crucial information, building a meaningful relationships that changes minds, or by using your power as a voter, could make all the difference on key issues this legislative session: one where casino gambling, parental rights, school choice, and protecting our kids could all be prominent issues.

Please stay tuned for upcoming action alerts on particular legislation, but, as we kick off legislative session, I implore you to reach out to your legislator, add them to your prayer list, and begin developing a routine of contacting them to show you sincerely care.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. In the coming days, we’ll begin making endorsements for the 2020 elections – a great way to reinforce strong action by our legislators and begin removing those opposed to our values. While what happens at the Capitol is important this session, a big emphasis of this year remains growing our pro-family ranks at the ballot box.

PPS. As the end of year approached, we made it clear that financial support would be imperative to continue growth in 2020. I want to say THANK YOU for how you responded. The close of 2020 doubled the 2018 year-end push, which was a previous record for the organization. Because of you, we are in a STRONG position heading into the New Year! We will accomplish great things together!