The Biggest Pro-Life Battle in Kansas History: Take Action Now!

January 9


Last year, the Kansas Supreme Court dropped a bomb on decades of pro-life gains in Kansas when they somehow “discovered” a limitless right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution.

That ruling threatens every single pro-life law now on the books in our state – or that might be passed in the future. Even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, the Kansas Supreme Court ruling would likely prevent a single abortion from being stopped or even regulated in Kansas.

That’s why the constitutional amendment that is about to be introduced represents the biggest pro-life battle in the history of our state.

This amendment will simply let the people vote on whether abortion is protected in the state constitution. It won’t establish any new policies on abortion, but it will give the people the chance to uphold existing pro-life laws that protect both babies and their mothers – and keep open the door to more pro-life advances in the future.

But passing this amendment will take concerted effort from all of us. It requires that a super-majority of both the House and the Senate approve it, and then it will require the approval of the majority of voters in Kansas.

That’s why we need you. At this stage, we need you to let your legislators know how important this amendment is to you.

You can send them a message here by signing our online petition. It will go directly to their office. If you’ve never responded to a call to action – this is the ONE you should.

Even if you have already signed another petition, I encourage you to sign this one as well since it will go directly to their office. We would love for every legislator to be flooded with messages encouraging them to value the lives of women and babies.

This new year is full of opportunity. And I’m excited for the chance to watch and help the people of God be the hands and feet of Jesus through the political sphere. I look forward to working with you. As always, if you know of an opportunity where I or another team member of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas® can speak, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Praying for a Kansas that values both mothers and babies,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


P.S. Please sign the petition to your legislators. But just as important, please use the buttons below to share with every pro-life Kansan you know. The pro-life battle of our lifetime has begun – please spread the word!