The Sky is Falling??

January 9

“The sky is falling” is an idiom describing an extreme overreaction to an event. It’s from a children’s story about a young bird named Chicken Little who feels an acorn drop on his head and is convinced the world is about to end. He runs around doing his best to warn everyone by yelling, “The sky is falling!” But it was only an acorn!

I have to admit that the decline of Christian moral values and the attacks on religious freedom can make a Christian feel like “the sky is falling.” Although the threats are real, the sky is NOT falling. In fact, there are more reasons to hope than ever before. Here are just a few:

Internationally, for example, a leading court in Hong Kong recently surprised observers when it ruled that the government has no obligation to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples or establish a legal basis for civil unions.

Nationally, we have a president who, despite tremendous opposition, continues to defend religious freedom. For example, his Department of Health & Human Services has created the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom to protect doctors, nurses and health care workers who refuse to take part in abortion procedures or to provide “sex-change” services because of their moral convictions.

At the state level, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Kentucky law requiring an abortionist, prior to the abortion, to perform an ultrasound and to play the audio of the baby’s heartbeat.

Locally, the pressure from the LGBTQ+ superfund, the Gill Foundation, to reject the 1st Amendment in favor of granting radical LGBTQ+ special privileges in Wyoming has awakened many to the threat posed to Religious Freedom in our state.

This past year, Family Policy Alliance® has worked to build an organization in Wyoming of people who will stand firm and take action for the Biblically based freedoms our country was built on.

Beyond that, in 2020 we will be working with like-minded legislators to uphold and advance family-friendly policies in other areas such as school choice, sex-ed curriculum, gender issues and recreational marijuana.

Because Family Policy Alliance and our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation, are active across the nation, we have a wealth of experience to draw on for Wyoming.

Yes, the threats are very real, and the needs are urgent. But the sky is NOT falling, because God holds it all together. And by His grace, we can make Wyoming a state where God is Honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families Thrive and Life is Cherished!

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Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy – Wyoming