Kansas Can Value Them Both

January 16

The 2020 Kansas Legislature convened this week and just this morning a group of pro-life legislators held a press conference to introduce the Value Them Both Amendment. This amendment will ensure that we maintain the right to place basic regulations around the abortion industry to safeguard women’s health.

This is a pinnacle moment for the 2020 legislative session and the story of Kansas.

This is the chance for our state to decide whether it will continue to support life or allow abortion activists to turn our state into a travel destination for late term abortion.  Value Them Both proponents are asking the legislature to allow all Kansans to vote on this simple amendment that will restore to the people the ability to regulate an industry that has repeatedly proven itself untrustworthy.

Here was my statement at the Press Conference,

“Today, we stand united in support of passing the Value Them Both Amendment. Value Them Both was crafted based on the five other states that have passed similar legislation and has been tailored specifically to Kansas. Because of the Hodes & Nauser ruling, Kansas became the Wild West of the abortion industry, where all pro-life laws that protect women and babies are under threat. The Value Them Both Amendment simply returns power to the people of Kansas to place basic regulations on the abortion industry. We call on all legislators in Kansas to pass this amendment to let the people vote.”

Things will move quickly now that the bill has been introduced. A joint House and Senate committee hearing is planned for next Tuesday, January 21st at 9:00 am in the Old Supreme Court Room on the 3rd floor of the Kansas State Capitol. If you can attend, please do so (plan to arrive by 8:30) and plan to show your support by wearing purple. If you would like to read the text of the bill, the full text can be found here.

If you haven’t contacted your legislator yet, the time is now! You can easily contact them in our action center to urge them to support Value Them Both.

We are so thankful for our coalition partners throughout the state who have helped make this possible.

Kansas, let’s value them both!

Standing for them both,

Brittany Jones, Esq
Director of Advocacy