The Guard Dog

January 23

Here at Family Policy Alliance® we receive news on life and family issues from around the country. Many of you on our email list get glimpses into some of these issues, but we certainly can’t fit everything into an email or two. For that reason, let me recap some of the headlines you won’t see highlighted in the media. All the following news stories were published recently over a two-week period.

    • Planned Parenthood Sets New Record for Abortions in a Single Year (Daily Signal)
    • Presbyterian Church Pastor: I “Proudly” Support Killing Babies in Abortion (Lifenews)
    • Legislation in Virginia to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth (Lifenews)
    • Judge Rules Hospital Can Shut Off 11-Month-Old Baby’s Life Support Over Mother’s Objections (Lifenews)
    • Minister’s Wife Celebrates Trans Child, 12, Getting Puberty-Blocking Implant, Making PEOPLE Magazine (Daily Wire)
    • Teen Vogue Promotes Radical Sexual Agenda to Its Young Audience (Daily Signal)
    • Man Who Identifies as Woman Sues in Effort to Gain Entry Into Ladies’ Beauty Pageant (Christian News)
    • Prosecutor Targets Pastor, Labeled Protesters ‘Religious Loonies’ for Opposing Drag Queens in Libraries (CBN)
    • Illinois 11th state to legalize pot (World Magazine)
    • Pushing Assisted Suicide for Baby Boomers (National Review)

If that was the whole story it would be pretty depressing. Thankfully, there is good news as well. Here is a sampling of uplifting stories, some of them due directly to the work of Family Policy Alliance affiliates in other states.

    • Georgia Introduces Bill to Make Transgender Students Compete as Assigned Birth Gender – FPA working on this (Breitbart)
    • Kansas thrust into abortion debate of constitutional proportions – FPA working on this (Capital Journal)
    • ‘In God We Trust’ proposed for NM buildings – FPA working on this (Albuquerque Journal)
    • “He’s very healthy, very cute.” Pro-life doc rescues baby with Abortion Pill Reversal – FPA working on this (National Right to Life)
    • The fight to stop mandatory LGBTQ history lessons in NJ classrooms – FPA working on this (USA Today)
    • Donations drop when Planned Parenthood’s focus is revealed (OneNewsNow)
    • Black Leaders Tell Supreme Court: Abortion is Racist, “Long History” of Targeting Black Babies (Lifenews)
    • 5 States Consider Banning Transgender Female Athletes from Competing with Girls (Christian Headlines)
    • First person to legally obtain ‘nonbinary’ gender status now calls it ‘psychologically harmful’ (Christian Post)
    • Hundreds of Members of Congress Tell Supreme Court: Overturn Roe v. Wade (Lifenews)

That balances things out a bit, but the situation can certainly be worrisome. That’s where we come in.

Here in Wyoming, we know the importance of guard dogs for our livestock. Family Policy Alliance is like a guard dog. A guard dog has two primary functions: alert you to danger and protect you from it. That’s what we do on issues such as life, religious freedom, family values, education, and many more. We do the work of combing through articles like those above, finding the more significant ones and alerting you.

Then in our second guard dog role, we stand strong for our shared values on these issues (and more) here at home and on Capitol Hill.

The work of Family Policy Alliance in Wyoming is to serve as the guard dog on these and other important issues right here. That all takes resources and we need your help in launching Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming. I know that by working together we can make a better Wyoming for future generations where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Today, your gift will help us continue the work of building the framework for our organization – won’t you join with us today?


Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy – Wyoming