Big gay ice cream

January 31

If you’re not on Twitter, you’ve not only made some better life choices than me, you might have missed a ridiculous little video from rapidly-rising-in-the-polls presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

In the video, Bloomberg, who is making an all-out appeal to LGBTQ voters, asks for ice cream, takes a bite, and nonsensically says “Mmmmm… big gay ice cream is the best.”

After taking a moment to ponder the absurdity of Bloomberg’s declaration of his ice cream’s homosexuality, I quickly began to pray for victory for President Trump.

You see, Michael Bloomberg is running as a moderate/centrist in the Democratic primary field… and yet he feels the need to pander to the radical LGBTQ ideology in such an absurd way. Throughout their race for the nomination, the Democrat presidential candidates have tripped over themselves in a race to the radical Left – supporting radical abortion policies like what we’ve seen in Virginia, denying biology, upending the Constitution, and more.

The alternatives to President Trump are painfully liberal and woefully radical. They don’t value life, truth, or common sense. And, they’ve pledged allegiance to Planned Parenthood and the radical LGBTQ community while holding our nation’s values and history in contempt.

Contrast this lurch to the Left with our current president. I’ll admit, I was late to the party to support President Trump, and I still have reservations about his character and core. Yet, it is impossible to deny that Donald J. Trump – the first ever Commander in Chief to speak at the March for Life – has done more for the pro-life movement than any POTUS ever has.

It’s also impossible to deny that President Trump is bringing healing and constitutional respect to a broken judicial system, that he’s been intentional about a nation where life is cherished and families thrive, and he’s advanced the cause of religious freedom – reversing eight years of First Amendment suppression.

This is why – even as this sham of an impeachment plays out in DC – Christian unity in politics should persist with support of an imperfect president who has nonetheless been used in a powerful way.

As we enter this election cycle, we are leading the largest ever pro-family, Georgia-grown campaign our state has ever seen. Every endorsement we make will be built upon the idea of continuing the momentum we’re seeing in Georgia and around the nation and rejecting the radical, non-sensical ideology we hear from leftists like Bloomberg, Warren, Sanders, and Biden.

And, that’s why it starts with encouraging support for and unity behind President Trump. It doesn’t mean we should be unwilling to criticize or call for better, but it does mean we should call on our Christian brothers to stand with an agenda that is aligned with ours.

The opportunities before us are real. Georgia will play a major role in the race for the White House, the largest role in battle for control of the Senate, and we have an opportunity to dramatically improve the outlook of our congressional delegation. Of primary focus to us, we also have every state legislative seat on the ballot in 2020.

Can you help us stand firm and take action? Partnering with us with a generous gift of $50, $100, $250, or more – whatever the Lord has called you to do – can make a major difference in unifying Christians behind a common, biblical agenda. Prayerfully consider standing with us today.

Radical liberals are running for the White House, Congress, and our state legislature under the promise to do and say anything to appease a socialist and radical base. Should they control these institutions, the nation and state we love will be fundamentally changed. Let’s stand against crazy politicians who say things like “Mmmmm… big gay ice cream is the best,” and work to deliver the most Christ-centered electorate standing in unity behind a God-honoring agenda.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia