Only Just Begun: 4 Republicans Help Dems Scuttle Life Amendment – for NOW

February 10

On Friday, the Value Them Both amendment to the Kansas Constitution was temporarily scuttled, as four Republican representatives joined with all voting Democrats to kill the measure. The vote was 80-43 in favor, but a two-thirds majority (84 votes) was needed to put it on the ballot.

Even though 80 of 84 Republicans voted in favor, it was these four Republicans who got the attention, as their votes changed the outcome:

Rep. Don Hineman (NW Kansas) — (785) 296-7384
Rep. Jan Kessinger (Overland Park) — (785) 296-7436
Rep. Bill Pannbacker (NE Kansas) — (785) 296-7637
Tom Phillips (Riley County) — (785) 296-7402

Unless this vote is reversed, they have paved the way for unregulated clinics, taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion up to the moment of birth, sex-selective abortions, and more.

But this fight is not over!

At this critical point, we truly need all pro-life hands on deck. If you’ve already been engaged, thank you! Your voice IS being heard, and the capitol is abuzz with all of the pro-life calls and emails, so please keep it up, and – importantly – share with others.

If you haven’t yet been engaged, we need you. I invite you to join in this effort by speaking up to your legislators.

What You Can Do:

  1. Check to see how your legislator voted in the list below.
  2. Call or email them to voice your approval or disapproval for their vote. You can look up your state representative’s name and contact info by inputting your zip code here.
  3. Alert friends who live in the areas of the four Republicans listed above – or even call and leave a respectful message yourself.

The state Supreme Court has said that limitless abortion is the law of the land in our state. The only way to reverse that ruling is to let the people vote on the Value Them Both constitutional amendment. Thank you for helping to make that happen.

Because women and babies are too important,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


Here’s the full list of legislators and how they voted:

Yea – (80):

Arnberger, Awerkamp, Baker, Barker, Bergquist, Blex, Burris, Capps, Carlson, B. Carpenter, W. Carpenter, Claeys, Clark, Collins, Concannon, Corbet, Cox, Croft, Delperdang, Dierks, Dietrich, Donohoe, Dove, Ellis, Eplee, Erickson, Esau, Finch, Francis, French, Garber, Hawkins, Helmer, Highland, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Houser, Howard, Huebert, Humphries, Jacobs, Jennings, Johnson, Karleskint, Kelly, Landwehr, Long, Lynn, Mason, Mastroni, Moore, Newland, Orr, Owens, Patton, Proehl, Rahjes, Ralph, Resman, Rhiley, Ryckman, Samsel, Schreiber, Seiwert, A. Smith, E. Smith, Straub, Sutton, Tarwater, Thimesch, Thomas, Thompson, Toplikar, Vickrey, Waggoner, Warren, Wasinger, Waymaster, Wheeler, Williams,

Nay – (43):

Amyx, Ballard, Benson, Bishop, Burroughs, Carlin, Carmichael, Clayton, Curtis, Finney, Frownfelter, Gartner, Helgerson, Henderson, Highberger, Hineman, Hodge, Holscher, Horn, Kessinger, Kuether, Lusk, Murnan, Neighbor, Ohaebosim, Ousley, Pannbacker, Parker, Phillips, Pittman, Probst, L. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, Sawyer, Stogsdill, Ward, Warfield, Weigel, Winn, Wolfe Moore, Woodard, Xu, Yeager,

Absent and Not Voting – (2):

Alcala, Victors,