COLORADO: Three Bills to Protect Our Kids!

February 11

Thank you for being an engaged Colorado citizen! To help keep you informed, here’s a quick update on urgent legislative and other activity in our state.

First, here’s an update on LEGISLATION:

Three key bills to protect kids from the Left’s agenda are going to be heard at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow in the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee.

Would you take a moment to urge the House committee members to vote YES on these bills?

  • HB 1114,Protection of Minors from Mutilation and Sterilization Act,” would protect children from transgender medical experimentation that results in profound and irreversible changes to kids’ bodies – including infertility and mutilation of functional and healthy body parts. Nearly all children (80-95 percent) outgrow their gender confusion by the time they reach adulthood – without these harmful and irreversible medical interventions.
  • HB 1144, “Parents’ Bill of Rights,”would protect parents’ constitutional rights to make decisions for their child in health care, education and more. It also prohibits the government from encouraging children to keep information secret from their parents (a trend we’re seeing more and more across the country) and prohibits the state from taking children away from parents because of the parents’ objection to radical medical interventions.
  • HB 1273, “Equality and Fairness in Sports,” would prohibit boys from competing on girls’ sport teams, even if he says he’s a girl. Allowing boys to play on girls’ sports teams is fundamentally unfair, placing them at a biological disadvantage. It also exposes girls to a much higher risk of being harmed, and it deprives girls of opportunities for playing time, awards and scholarships.

You can send an email message to each of the committee members in just 30 seconds on our Action Center.

Second, here’s an update on the PRO-LIFE INITIATIVE:

 As you may know, Colorado is among a small minority of states that allows abortions up to and on a baby’s due date, for any reason. That’s why the Coalition of Women and Children is leading a grassroots movement named “Due Date Too Late” – a colossal effort of churches and pro-life organizations like Colorado Family Action – to place on the November ballot a ban on abortions after 22 weeks. But they need your help!

Due Date Too Late needs to collect and submit 200,000 signatures of Colorado registered voters by March 4. If they meet this goal, all Colorado voters will get to decide on Election Day if they want to finally ban these barbaric late-term abortions. Here’s how you can help:

Due Date Too Late will have a “Signature Blitz” on Saturday, February 15, with multiple locations for you to sign the petition.  To see available locations and additional dates, visit If you have any questions or want to do more to help, please reach out to Giuliana Day at 720-899-0897.

Thanks for making a difference!


Stephanie Curry, Esq.
Policy Manager