Big WY Life Battle: Please Take Action!

February 18

Tomorrow morning, a State Senate committee will be considering one of the most important bills in the 2020 Wyoming legislation session.

SF 97, sponsored by Senator Cheri Steinmetz, is a common-sense bill that would protect babies who survive an attempted abortion.

No one would have dreamed that a situation so calloused as “leaving a baby in a dirty mop closet” (testimony of one nurse last year) would be a reality in our nation. But we have seen the statements of some, such as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, become mainstream among some in our country today. Indeed, hundreds of such cases have been documented around the country.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming believes that every child deserves equal protection under the law!

Your voice is needed! You can quickly send a message to each of the senators on the committee by clicking here. Just add your own subject line and send.

Then please share this with others right away so you can multiply your impact.

Thank you for making your voice heard for life!

For life,

Nathan Winters