off to the races

February 20

From the moment the votes for the Heartbeat Bill were cast, an important election got even more critical. And, since that moment, we have been on the road, interviewing candidates, recruiting prospects, making sure that we were ready to defend those who fought for LIFE, and preparing to unseat radicals who oppose us at every turn.

Here in Georgia, we have a tremendous opportunity to send a powerful signal with:

    • Every seat in one of the nation’s largest legislatures on the ballot
    • 4 congressional seats up for grabs
    • 2 U.S. Senate seats
    • A hotly contested battle for the White House

The path to Senate control, the ability to gain a strong upper hand on the Supreme Court, and an opportunity to double-down on the right to life all run through Georgia. That’s why we’ve been so determined to forge a comprehensive plan to transform our culture at the ballot box.

Currently, we’ve identified 46 races that we feel will be highly competitive. We must defend many of the lead advocates of the Heartbeat Bill, and we have been working to flip the seats of 12 pro-abortion votes against it – an objective where we are close to finding a strong candidate in each of those spots. And, we must unite support behind the candidates that will advance our values nationally. Our goal is to gain seats – not merely hold the line.

That’s why this time period is so critical.

First, please be in prayer for the right candidates. So many races are won or lost based on who is running. Finding a credible, appealing, and hard-working candidate that matches a district isn’t easy. With March 2-6 being the qualifying period for office, I’m asking each of you to join us in prayer that the right candidates will step forward.

Second, I’m humbly asking for your support. Can you help us raise $2,500 by February 29th that will be used to support advocates for LIFE?

While the general election is even more critical than usual this year, we need to ensure that we use the primary to nominate those most willing to fight for our values with boldness and clarity. As the premier elections organization in the state, can we count on your support?

As a competitive person, I love to win. And, this election cycle, I believe we will. I see the energy and momentum as I travel the state, and we have some great candidates we’ll be supporting. But…this is a team effort. I’m grateful for your partnership in this plan.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia