some personal news

February 28

I’m so grateful for the role you play in my life, and your prayers, support, partnership, and friendship mean more to me and my family than you’ll ever know.

That’s why I consider it a great blessing to share some personal news with you: that my family will welcome a new addition, our first daughter, in August!

Many of you have heard me talk about my three boys – Peyton (5), Cade (4), and Jarrett (2). My precious bride has enjoyed being a “boy mom,” and our house has been in a state of semi-controlled chaos as these 3 crazy men run wild. It’s been a great privilege to be their father and see the plan God has for them unfold.

Now, we embrace the coming change of a precious princess joining the crew. All the boys, especially Cade, have vowed to protect her and fight any boy that comes near her.

As I share this news, I’m reminded of the work we’ve done together to protect children like my daughter – who the Lord has long known, whose DNA has been present from the moment of conception, and whose gender we were able to ascertain via a blood test at 8 weeks.

In partnering with leaders like Brian Kemp, Ed Setzler, and Renee Unterman, we’ve not only passed nation-leading pro-life legislation, we’ve taken a stand as a state that the unborn are valuable, they are persons, and they will be protected in Georgia.

Science and common sense make it clear. While my faith makes the sound of her heartbeat or the site of her precious self on the monitor all-the-more special, religion isn’t needed to see the fundamental reality that what I’m hearing and seeing is a human being.

In celebrating the coming of my daughter, I rejoice in the reality that we are moving closer than ever to protecting all unborn children.

I’ve often said that the my children motivate me as I live out God’s calling every day, and, with the election cycle in full swing, I’ll be thinking of her often as I work to see our state gain ground for our values.

What an honor it is to share this news with you, and I thank you for being a part of the FPA family as I share with you this news of my growing one.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director