Pro-Life Measures Advance in the WY Legislature

March 2

We’re a little over halfway through the 2020 legislative session and Friday was the point in the session called “crossover.” Crossover marks the part of the session when bills that made it through the chamber they originated in “cross-over” to the other chamber (i.e. from the Senate to the House of Representatives or vice versa). This means an intense sprint took place to introduce and shepherd legislation through the process in what is the shortest legislative session in the nation.

In the midst of the “mad-dash” of a Wyoming Budget session, several victories happened, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you.

  • Wyoming Budget- Two of the same bills (“mirror amendments”) passed the House and Senate last week which will prohibit funding from covering elective abortions at the University of Wyoming. Thanks to Representative Chuck Gray’s intense research to uncover this quiet use of our taxpayer dollars, if this legislation is signed by the governor, this will be a victory for life in our state.
  • Senate File 97– Senator Cheri Steinmetz brought this legislation that will ensure babies born after a botched abortion are shown basic human dignity and provided with life-saving treatment and emergency care. This legislation has already passed the Senate and will most likely be heard in the House this week!
  • House Bill 197-In the House of Representatives, Representative Richard Tass sponsored House Bill 197-48 hour waiting period. This bill places a time period in law giving women seeking an abortion an opportunity to think about and read the “informed-consent” information and look at an ultrasound of their baby as they make this vastly important decision regarding the life of another human being. Stories abound of women, pressured by parents, abusive boyfriends, or others to have an abortion, having terrible regret after the fact. This legislation allows for genuine informed consent from the mother before the child is aborted.

Over the past few weeks, it has brought me such joy to see a tremendous coalition of partners from across the state develop in support of these efforts! Folks from across the state emailed, called and some have even driven through snow to testify in committee.

While we are thrilled with the progress these bills have made, they are only halfway through the process. We will be reaching out to you over the next two weeks to contact your legislators through our Action Center and encourage them to stand for life.

It is evident that Wyoming has thousands of people like you who want a state where life is cherished, religious freedom flourishes, and families thrive. Let’s continue to advance the cause of Biblical Citizenship!


Nathan Winters
Advocacy Director