ACTION ALERT: “Born Alive” Advances to the Wyoming House of Representatives!

March 5

Dear Friends:

In case you haven’t heard the good news, Senate File 97, Born Alive Infant-Means of Care, passed the Wyoming Senate by a vote of 23-7. Now it goes to the House of Representatives, where your voice of support is needed!

This bill is a small but very important change in the Wyoming statutes, providing greater clarity on preserving the lives of infants who have survived an attempted abortion. It ensures that they will be shown the dignity and care that all mankind should be treated with when struggling for their lives.

Standing for the Human Dignity of infants born alive is really a stand for the Human Dignity of all. When an infant is born, there should be a bipartisan recognition that this vulnerable human should be given, as the bill states, “medically appropriate and reasonable steps to preserve the life and health of the infant born alive.”

During Senate testimony last week, several young ladies drove over from the University of Wyoming and gave powerful testimony in support of the bill and impacted the senators with their testimonies. While a few hardline abortionists came to express their opposition to the bill, they were FAR outnumbered by a chamber packed with supporters of this common-sense life-affirming bill. In her closing remarks, Senator Cheri Steinmetz, the sponsor of the bill, asked for those in support of the bill to stand, and almost the entire room stood representing the overwhelming support from across Wyoming for the Human Dignity of infants.

It is now time to alert your State Representative about how you feel about this important piece of legislation. Simply click here and you can send him or her a message in 30 seconds.

After you have sent the message through our Action Center, please forward or share this message with other pro-life family members and friends in your area. It is important that the Wyoming Senate hear from as many people as possible.

Thank you for making your voice heard and for standing for the unborn children of Wyoming.


The Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming Team