Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Kelly Loeffler for US Senate

March 5

Make no mistake about it. The momentum we’ve established in Georgia is on the ballot this November, and, in the “jungle primary” U.S. Senate race, only one candidate builds on the pro-life, pro-family success we’ve seen. That’s why we proudly endorse Senator Kelly Loeffler in this pivotal election.

Late last year, the nation’s most pro-life governor appointed Kelly Loeffler as the best person to advance our values in Washington. Before that moment, her life embodied the American Dream. Her successes mounted. Leading one of the world’s most significant financial institutions, she gained the experiences needed to deliver the American Dream to others.

Since that moment, Kelly Loeffler has consistently embodied the conservative convictions she’s held throughout her life – fighting against the sham impeachment, becoming a leading pro-life advocate in the Senate, and putting Georgians first every day.

Brian Kemp’s leadership has transformed Georgia, and his choice, Kelly Loeffler, will play a profound role both in transforming the nation and in securing lasting momentum for the pro-family movement in our state.

As a political outsider, Kelly Loeffler represents much of what Brian Kemp has brought to the table – a departure from an entrenched political class in Georgia that was all about preserving the status quo rather than advancing a bold agenda.

Quite simply, like President Trump and David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler isn’t bound by the “this is how we do things around here” mentality of many career politicians in Washington.

Now, let me address “the elephant in the room.” While pro-life leaders in Georgia are uniting behind Loeffler, some appreciate the record of one of her opponents: Doug Collins. However, as we’ve repeatedly seen with politicians, we cannot limit our evaluations to how someone might vote when pro-family legislation comes before them – a deeper review of one’s record and character truly matters.

Despite his recent rebrand as a Trump defender on Fox News, Doug Collins has long been known as an “Establishment” political figure in Georgia and in Washington. He was the Floor Leader for Nathan Deal, the governor who vetoed religious freedom. He opposed the nomination of Brian Kemp. Organizations like Club for Growth and Conservative Review – organizations we don’t overlap with or agree on every issue – give Collins an ‘F’ rating as one of the most moderate to liberal Republicans in Washington.

And, since beginning this campaign, Collins and his surrogates (have) run a campaign bereft of truth and decency, one built on sexism, innuendo, and a hostility toward success. Beyond the fact that his career points to a man who would not be an agent of change, the opening of his campaign – with flailing attacks on Governor Kemp and reckless attacks on Senator Loeffler – raises serious character concerns and bring his fitness for office very much in doubt.

In short, Doug Collins may be a nice guy, but that is not reflected in his campaign or rationale for running.

Every choice you make in this 2020 cycle will be of paramount importance. It’s imperative that we send a powerful signal in support of the Heartbeat Bill, the Governor who signed it into law, and the national efforts to make gains for life, freedom, and constitutional courts.

Your strong support of Senator Kelly Loeffler sends that signal.

A vote for establishment politician and dishonest campaigner Doug Collins – or one of the radical liberal candidates in the race – does not.

Kelly Loeffler is a strong vote for our values, the voice we need advocating for us in all corners of the state and in the Senate, and the ally Governor Kemp and President Trump need to achieve a state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

With so much confusion and misinformation, YOU can make the difference in this race. Control of the Senate – and the ability to confirm judges – runs through Georgia, and, together, we can deliver a clear victory for Senator Loeffler that will have profound ramifications in our state and across the country for years to come.

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive director