More Babies Saved Through Chemical Abortion Reversal!

March 5

Hundreds of healthy babies have been saved through chemical abortion reversal, even though their mothers took the first chemical abortion pill. We’ve been telling you about some of the countless stories of these mothers and their newborns and we have a couple more uplifting stories for you.

There are two reasons for telling you these stories. First, we want you to see proof that chemical abortions can be reversed. Second, pregnant mothers currently considering chemical abortions need to know that there is hope.


Sarah was a 26-year-old single mother of three who discovered she was pregnant. Pressured by the baby’s father to have an abortion, she took the first chemical abortion pill of two, even though she didn’t want to. Yet Sarah changed her mind and sought medical help to stop the abortion process and save her baby. Sarah successfully received abortion pill reversal treatment [the progesterone protocol] from a licensed doctor and she gave birth to a healthy son, who she named Isaiah.

“I couldn’t look at my other three children in the face without breaking down and telling myself this baby deserves love just as much as these three in front of me,” she said.


Autumn was a 25-year-old, unmarried woman with a young daughter and took the first abortion pill because she felt incapable of financially supporting another child. However, she quickly changed her mind and sought help from a pro-life physician who prescribed her an abortion pill reversal kit. Her son Walker was born healthy several months later.

“He was perfect, and he was a miracle,” Autumn said. “When they laid him on my chest and I heard him scream for the first time, that was. . . one of the happiest moments of my life.”

If you are an expectant mother and have taken the first chemical abortion dose, you can go to the national abortion pill reversal website or call 877-558-0333 to get immediate help on potentially reversing your chemical abortion!

Over 900 babies have already been saved through chemical abortion reversal in the U.S.

For Life,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director