ACTION ALERT: Great News! Legislation Protecting Infants Has Passed! Contact the Governor!

March 13

Dear Friends:

The 2020 Legislative Session just drew to a close and it was an exciting year for the Inaugural Session for the new Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming!

At about 6:30 PM, after a full day in the legislature, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a Born Alive Infant Protection Act (SF 97) by a margin of 44-16!

This bill, if signed by the Governor, will prohibit doctors from allowing babies to die if they’re born alive after a botched abortion. Born Alive requires that doctors must provide the same life-saving medical care as they would for any other infant.

In addition to Born Alive passing, legislation was also passed that would prohibit the University of Wyoming from funding elective abortions. Governor Gordon has approved this effort and thankfully it is now law!

We’re proud of the Wyoming Legislature and Governor Gordon for showing that they believe in the dignity of human life.

But we still need the Governor to sign the Born Alive Infant Protection Act! Please politely encourage Governor Gordon to sign Born Alive (SF 97) into law by clicking here! Our easy action message will also thank him for approving the prohibition of elective abortions by the University of Wyoming.

After you have sent the message through our Action Center, please forward or share this message with other pro-life family members and friends in your area. It is important that Governor Gordon hear from as many people as possible.

Finally, if your State Senator and Representative supported these bills, please let them know how much you appreciate them. In Wyoming, we have the privilege of being represented by our friends and neighbors, we can get to know them personally. I encourage you to get to know your Legislators. Consider inviting them for coffee and find out how you can pray for them and bear their burdens with them (Galatians 6:2).

We know we can make a difference in Wyoming because we just saw what God did through you over this past month!

Thank you for making your voice heard and for standing for the unborn children of Wyoming.


The Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming Team