IDAHO ACTION ALERT: Tell Senate to Vote on Pro-Family Bills

March 14

Good afternoon,

Governor Little’s announcement last night of the first confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) case in Ada County has made members of the legislature pretty jittery. They understandably want to finish up legislative business and get back home as soon as possible—possibly as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.

Unfortunately, three important pro-family bills are in the final stage of the legislative process, awaiting a vote in the Senate after having passed the House with overwhelming support:

  • H578 (Simon’s Law): Prevents doctors from withdrawing a child’s life-sustaining treatment or putting secret “do not resuscitate” orders in a child’s file without parental notification
  • H500 (Fairness in Women’s Sports Act): Protects girls’ sports by requiring that children play in the sports of their biological sex
  • H509 (Vital Statistics Act): Defends the sanctity of state vital records by prohibiting changes to birth certificate information, including biological sex, place and time of birth, and length and weight of baby

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Send a message to Senate leadership, asking them to hold a vote on these three bills before they adjourn for the year. It only takes a minute of your time when you use our Action Center—but your messages could have a big impact on whether these bills come up for a vote on the Senate floor this year.

Standing with you,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


P.S. President Trump has declared Sunday, March 15th, a National Day of Prayer amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. “We are a country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these,” the president said yesterday.

Will you join with us in praying for providential protection of our families, our neighbors, our state, and our nation?